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  1. Has anyone else ever broken the talus in both ankles? If so, how long before you were reasonable able to ride MX again? Thanks, Al
  2. I have a 2008 KTM 450 SXF with 180 hours on it and have reciently developed some smoke coming out the engine breather tube which comes out of the clutch cover. It does it even at idle and out of gear. Starts great and runs grate with the acception of a pop and stall problem that only occurs around 3% of the time when I am in the air. The pop and stall problem is something that I have been battling starting at 50 hours. I think the pop and stall in the air is a jetting issue and seems to go away for a while after messing with the pilot screw, but I am not sure as it always returns a few weeks after I think I have it fixed. Does anyone have any advice? Do I need to change the piston or valves? Thanks, Alan