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  1. MtnCirque

    Stock Main Jet Question

    I've lost the main jet out of my stock '04 carb(long story) I went to order another and it appears as if there are 3 pieces to the main jet that stack/ thread together before being inserted into the carb. That confused as I don't remember it coming apart like that. can anyone confirm what I'm looking at? Thx.
  2. MtnCirque

    Where to get stock size pilot jet

    Bone stock 2004 drz (klx) 110 I need a new pilot jet. Size says 38. No one in town seems to be able to come up with one. are they that rare? Sheesh.... "Stealership" will gladly order for me but if I'm ordering I'd rather order elsewhere. Anyone suggest a vendor and reliable part number? Thx
  3. Anyone know if there is a problem leaving a Battery Tender on a Shorai?
  4. MtnCirque

    Dumped it in the pond

    I dumped my 650r in a deep river crossing after sundown. At the time it wasn't so funny. The current was strong enough it pulled my bike about 10-12 feet down river. I know the bike was running for quite awhile because I could see the headlight still shining from underwater for about 30 seconds. It took us about an hour to get it running again. Pulled plug, stood on back tire to clear exhaust, clear float bowl a couple times. Like a trooper, that bike got me back to the truck, 8 miles of single track away... In the dark. Never had a prob. Changed fluids. I kinda think it depends how long it sits on the bottom of the pond.
  5. MtnCirque

    Klx110/Crf50 CDI interchangeable?

    I know there seems to be a lot of knock- offs out there. Chinese crap... I get worried buying this stuff online.
  6. MtnCirque

    Klx110/Crf50 CDI interchangeable?

    Ordered..... Hope your right. ;0)
  7. It's like hamburgers..... Honda is the McDonalds of the motorcycle world. You know what you're gonna get, always. Tastes the same whether you're in Utah or Hawaii. And big numbers make it a bit more affordable. More aftermarket, more experience, cheaper suppliers, etc. Economy of scale. But have you where tried to add pickles or subtract onions at McD's? Process is so rigid they have a hard time deviating to accommodate ( plated dual sport) Then ya got the KTM or what I like to call the "boutique bikes". (pisses my ktm friends off when I say 'boutique' in reference to their bikes). We all have that local ma-n-pop burger joint we like. And in some ways it's better than McD's.. Seems fresher, sauce is different, etc. But they will never be as reliable or affordable. Less corporate. However they can respond to customer desires faster( hold the mayo add fry sauce, please) There's an argument for either bike brand. Just depends what youre hungry for today. ...... I need a coke
  8. MtnCirque

    Klx110/Crf50 CDI interchangeable?

    Anyone know for sure if the cdi is interchangeable between these 2 bikes? I'm trying to diagnos cdi issue. I notice when I look at parts online the 2 bikes are listed together for after market cdi's
  9. MtnCirque

    No Spark Prob...

    KLX110. No spark. I'm pulling my hair out!! Been thru all the usual... Kill switch, neutral switch, grounds, plug connections. Stator looks perfect. Here's the curious symptom.... I can go kick it over and get one, maybe two sparks, then nothing. If I let the bike sit for a coue days, same thing happens. One, maybe two sparks then nothing. I've read and re-read all the previous no spark threads and they all seem to come down to neutral switch or kill switch. ARGHHH!! Please help me?! Thanks.
  10. MtnCirque

    Steel vs Aluminum Replacement Clutch Basket

    Justin, I sent a PM to ya.
  11. Guess I need to replace a clutch Basket. Considering the Hinson all steel unit for increased durability and some (minimal) fly wheel effect. The other option is a Barnett/MSR aluminum with stainless inserts. I'm not going straight aluminum or OEM. Pricing appears to be the same, around $275-$300 (ughh) Can anyone recommend something? Thx.
  12. MtnCirque

    Filing Clutch Basket Teeth

    Hmm, I hear what's being said.... Man, I'm looking at $500 for a basket and clutch pack, huh? And I'll be putting a new one in every other season if the longevity of this one is any indication. You guys that really ride.... How often are you replacing this stuff? Hell, I'm just a "putt-putt joe" compared to most you guys.
  13. MtnCirque

    Filing Clutch Basket Teeth

    I've been having tons of clutch issues. Finally got Around to pulling apart and it appears I have some serious grooves worn in the fingers of the clutch basket. A new basket is optimal but money is tight. My questions are: Can I file the grooves smooth and get away with running this stocker for the time being? Clutch pack looks fine otherwise, can I continue to run? When time comes, what's the recommendation for a new basket? Stainless finger plates ok or just billett? Thanks