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  1. Robinson142

    Contemplating switching back

    it was a joke lol lol. But, i was keeping it damn near pinned the whole time and it had no guts at all.
  2. Robinson142

    Contemplating switching back

    i put a brand new top end in it and it still felt like riding a kids bicycle
  3. Robinson142

    Contemplating switching back

    Thanks for the input guys! DMC, i ride pretty well the same as you, maybe a dune trip every other year if im lucky, hardly any time in the trees, just straight up track time. And KTM has been making some pretty good 2ts here lately, but no one in my area has a new one to test against. iv rode RM,KX,CR,SX,and YZ and i would take an 01 cr250 over any of em, except a shiny new KTM..
  4. Hey all, im new to TT but im not new to bikes. i currently own an 06 kx250f but im thinking about switching back to a 2 stroke. i had a 125 before but it seemed like there wasnt enough power. iv rode my friends cr250 and i love the power, but im never in the top end on my track. dont get me wrong, im a huge fan of the 4t bottom end but im also not a fan of paying a few grand for a rebuild. of all the threads about blown engines and what not, im kinda wondering if reeds are the way to go? any input is greatly appreciated!!
  5. Robinson142

    Looking to buy a yfz450 need some inside info

    hey there, if your looking for a yfz, dont buy anything older than 06, they had a problem with the oil not getting to the crank, as for the TRX, iv owned a few and they changed the transmission in 06, its noticably different than the 04/05, if your riding trails, i would suggest a stage 1 or even stage 2 hotcam and a new back sprocket. i did that to all of them i had and they had insane bottom end, good for trails. just my thoughts lol. good luck with whatever you decide to get!