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  1. Swappa

    YZ125 monster jets

    Too big of a main won't make that much difference if you can keep it in the band/up in the revs. The bike won't burble or load up, just use more fuel and have a darker exhaust tip for MX. The only benefit to going leaner is it will be a bit faster on top. You can step it leaner and leaner, till you seize it. I'd definitely run the 450 as a test for your track/altitude/weather. I'm currently running a 440 and wish I had a bigger jet when the weather is cool and the track is deep.
  2. Swappa

    2000 YZ250 locked up

    You need to add some fork boots/covers to protect the upper tubes. Well done on getting a 200. Low hour is always the better choice, so I think you did well.
  3. Swappa

    Taming YZ295 for bush trails

    Low budget? Sign up for a month of spin class or lap swimming and work on your cardio and eat a few less carbs! YZ 2-strokes are one of the hardest bikes to hang onto. I was my most successful on a YZ250 when I was 25 years old. Now I am 38 and have a 350SXF and a YZ125. Next: try a DEP enduro (thick) pipe and Pro Circuit 296 silencer. That was one of my favorites for nice linear power down low, while retaining some boost at 3/4 to top. Next: Try a 250F and a stop watch. Keep the YZ295 for the open stuff. Next: Alta MXR Those things, in order of increasing $$. Sorry, I know that's
  4. Swappa

    CRF250X forks on YZ250F

    A lot of the ktm guys really like this setup. The SSS fork can be transformed with lower oil height. I was shocked at how much this improved my 2006 yz250 forks with stock springs and valving, once I lowered the oil height (removed 10 cc each leg). I'm assuming you have the correct spring rates for your weight, and sag adjusted correctly.
  5. Swappa

    Wp aer48 Öhlins inserts

    Cartridges (KYB SSS or TTX) are good. Re-valves performance vary by shop, so it's hard to compare apples to apples. If you're interested in a revalve or have a specific shop in mind, we might be able to provide more insight. You could resell a set of TTX carts for around $600-$800 IMHO, but you would be spending about $200 on a service to get them out of your forks. Hopefully that helps you understand what a set of TTX carts will cost you in the long run.
  6. Swappa

    Why is my 06 faster than my 11 yz250?

    Possibly a difference in final gearing or head dimensions? PC works pipe with a PC SA is one of my favorite combos for mX/GP. That's after testing DEP enduro, FMF fatty and stock. I also proffered the Vforce over the Rad Valve.
  7. KXfreak, The least favorable thing about this bike is the forks. They can be improved, but only if you choose a tuner very carefully. Stock, they might work okay on smooth ground, but on rough terrain, they transfer more than they absorb. Great power and reliability, and lots of go-fast parts available for these KTMs as they are now two generations behind the 2019s.
  8. Swappa

    KTM 250/300 Topend Rebuild Links

    The cylinder and powervalve assembly shown in this video is for sale, if anyone is interested. PM for price. No longer have the bike. I ended up replacing it when the nickasil coating got a bit thin. It should probably be replated, but you might find you can get some more hours out of it as it is.
  9. Swappa

    Xt 350 steering damper

    XT has steering stops on the lower triple clamp and a flat center tab on the lower part of the steering tube of the frame. Sometimes, after a hard crash, the stops can get dented, or the tab can get folded. In those cases, the forks can hit the tank. Also, double-check that you have all the rubbers under the tank. If the tank sits too far forward, the forks will also hit it.
  10. Swappa

    How To: Replace Shifter Tip

    40 to 60 hours for mine to look like the one in the thread. All depends on how many times you shift and how much dirt is on the tip/your boot.
  11. Sounds right. I checked FMF, and their Q4 HEX S/S has the same part for the muffler, 2010 to 2013.
  12. Swappa

    How bad is my crank?

    All the power to ya. Not many guys have the balls to ride a 300 to it's potential! Andrew will have an answer for you. if the seal leaks on that side, that would not be good for your new motor. If that side was sealed before, I'd imagine, with a new crank seal (that's soft and fresh), it will be fine/better than before. Again, my 2c.
  13. I'd buy a new lower clamp. First, find out all the models of lower clamp that will work. The XCW lower clamp may work too. Between all those interchangeable parts through the years, gotta be a lower clamp for sale ~$50-$100.
  14. Swappa

    How bad is my crank?

    2004 300 MXC ... I'd run it like that. I'd never spend $400 to $500 on a bike like that, especially if it's going to be babied. That's just my 2c. Is that a surface that the rollers run directly against? If not, definitely run it. If you need a second opinion, give Andrew a call after you send him the pic: https://www.cookseycrank.com/ Nobody has as much experience and is as willing to share as Andrew.
  15. Swappa


    No. FYI, $600 might be in the ballpark. He could be asking for $300 for a set of lower legs and $300 to setup your forks. That's pretty reasonable/standard, although the 'setup your forks' part is the speciality of the suspension shop. If you were to shop around, you could get a set of replacement forks for ~$500-$600 plus 1hr labor to install. How bad are your tubes? For small dents, the process is usually to remove the high spots with fine sand paper and fill any valleys with super glue. Hopefully your mechanic already tried that trick.