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  1. 40 to 60 hours for mine to look like the one in the thread. All depends on how many times you shift and how much dirt is on the tip/your boot.
  2. Sounds right. I checked FMF, and their Q4 HEX S/S has the same part for the muffler, 2010 to 2013.
  3. All the power to ya. Not many guys have the balls to ride a 300 to it's potential! Andrew will have an answer for you. if the seal leaks on that side, that would not be good for your new motor. If that side was sealed before, I'd imagine, with a new crank seal (that's soft and fresh), it will be fine/better than before. Again, my 2c.
  4. I'd buy a new lower clamp. First, find out all the models of lower clamp that will work. The XCW lower clamp may work too. Between all those interchangeable parts through the years, gotta be a lower clamp for sale ~$50-$100.
  5. 2004 300 MXC ... I'd run it like that. I'd never spend $400 to $500 on a bike like that, especially if it's going to be babied. That's just my 2c. Is that a surface that the rollers run directly against? If not, definitely run it. If you need a second opinion, give Andrew a call after you send him the pic: https://www.cookseycrank.com/ Nobody has as much experience and is as willing to share as Andrew.
  6. No. FYI, $600 might be in the ballpark. He could be asking for $300 for a set of lower legs and $300 to setup your forks. That's pretty reasonable/standard, although the 'setup your forks' part is the speciality of the suspension shop. If you were to shop around, you could get a set of replacement forks for ~$500-$600 plus 1hr labor to install. How bad are your tubes? For small dents, the process is usually to remove the high spots with fine sand paper and fill any valleys with super glue. Hopefully your mechanic already tried that trick.
  7. Sorry, I have the SXF and don't ride rocks (much). KTM website has a owners manual for clickers that you can use as a starting point, and advice for setting your sag.
  8. who sells this kit? Rebuilt the 125 with a new motor and have a line on some new SSS carts. Want to DIY these into my WP CC 350 fork.
  9. If your frame is rusting out and the motor is worn, might be time for a new bike? As far as I know, if your tubes are rusting badly from the inside, all you can do is cut and replace sections, and that's a pretty serious repair. Do you have any pics? You must be from QLD or NT or ride at the beach if you're really having dramas with rust.
  10. I haven't broken a set of 125 reeds recently, but on my 250, the bike would start to loose throttle response, gradually. In the case of carbon reeds, you might notice a loss in response as they crack and then usually suck a big piece in with no start, after that.
  11. I believe we replaced the coil on my '94 125, but that was like 25 years ago, so take that for what it's worth. Never had to rewind stator or replace stator or CDI in any of my YZ125s (1994-2006).
  12. Did you foul the plug? Was the plug wet/black with unburnt fuel? Were you going wide open when it stopped? Report back on compression. If the kickstart offers some resistance, it has compression and should still run.
  13. Connecting rod is at the center of your crank, has two pivots, one big and one small. Both ends have colored metal bushing. Once the pivot wears out, the colored metal shreds and ends up in your oil filter. This means the crank and/or at least the connecting rod will need to be replaced.
  14. How do you like the kickstart? Mine is worn beyond repair and am torn between a near-new takeoff from ebay or the air-time aftermarket one. If anyone has a good spare, please message me. 2001 YZ125s were unreal. I had a 2001 in 2001. Love the power and the 6-speed trans.
  15. I should add: don't buy a pro's used race bike, especially offroad. Anyone that takes riding seriously will be riding multiple times a week. Any time you put that many hours on a bike is bad news. If a bike has numbers on it, that is by no means a turn-off. Racing is not what wrecks a bike ... its just the sheer number of hours, and most of those happen while training.