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  1. How much more powerful do you think this bike is over the drz400?
  2. Rmx450z. Older guy that owns a small engine shop. Builds racing engines. It just doesn't make sense to me. I could put 15 hours in a bike in a weekend.
  3. I was thinking of buying a new RM450z trail bike and making it street legal but people have told me those motors require new rings every 15 hours or so. Is this true?
  4. Gas

    Thanks for the info guys!
  5. Gas

    Hey all. Anyone know if I can run cam 2 110 octane leaded racing fuel in my stock DRZ400? I run Sunoco gt100 octane and the throttle response plus hp gain is very noticeable.
  6. thanks guys! I think I will just do the pipe, jet kit, and 3x3 mod. and maybe front springs and vavles. what websites do you all use to buy parts? and what brand do you recommend for pipe and jet kit?
  7. ah. I didn't know that. the smaller diameter is on the top and protected by black rubber boots. i'll post a pic when I can.
  8. reg just says DRZ400. the forks are upside down.
  9. oh man.. now I'm gonna have to do some research. well I know it's not the sm. must be the s.
  10. you mean country? USA
  11. are you sure? I don't have my manual in front of me, but I'm pretty sure it says DRZ400E model. I bought the bike new.
  12. btw. any tips on how to set up the stock suspension for 150lb rider? I know nothing about it. I mostly ride the st but do some trail riding. no serious jumping. I am around a level 5 out of 10 rider off road.
  13. what did you do for suspension mod? I am around a level 5 out of ten rider off road and think the suspension is pretty plush. btw I weigh 150lbs.
  14. no buzz kill. I love the bike. what will springs and vavles do?