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  1. thanks guys! ok here goes... this is my first post here, so please forgive me something about this has already been said. i am not a dirt bike rider, i am a novice fabricator with a fair amount of mecahnical ability , but i am stumped. i have been building a copy of a 1935 triumph ts-100, a flat-tank light motorcycle (i would love to show you guys a picture but i cant figure out how to post one yet) i am using a new martin and slater ktm-50 motor. it claims 9-10 hp and 10.5k max rpm. it comes with an ignition/cdi, and a carburetor. i had an expert fabricate the exhaust. i finally got the bike all together after 2 years and.... i cant get the $%^%$^#@$% motor to even turn over....no ignition....NOTHING!...just the sound of the piston pumping air! I have tried the choke on and off, I made sure the motor wasnt flooded, emptied the crank case ...new fuel and proper mix of yamalube 2-stroke oil, ...air filter on and off.... tried the air adjustment screw at varying adjustments ...carburetor float ok, i even tried starter fluid fight into the carb with the throttle open. good spark into the plug wire when i arc it via a screwdriver. visible spark at the spark plug gap (it looks a little weak to me there, but i dont have a lot of experience with this) i changed plug and plug wire and even went for a slightly hotter plug and disconnected the kill switch- all gave the same spark results. ...still nothing no ignition -even with starter fluid. am i missing something here?