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  1. kawi318318

    2015 yz450 suspension setups share yours

    I run for stock fork my suspension guy told me theses settings and bike felt pretty good Sag 110 Forks-comp:18 out Rebound:8 out Shock: comp:14 out Rebound: 8 High speed all the way out
  2. kawi318318

    2014 yzf450 maps

    Hi I just bought gytr tuner I'm looking for some recommended maps for bike
  3. kawi318318

    HPBikes 300

    Ok yeah it's been since May it's now almost October its a yz 250 he's making a 265 and doin bottom end
  4. kawi318318

    HPBikes 300

    How long did it take for Derek to do motor
  5. kawi318318

    2007 kx 250f rebuild question

    I just rebuilt my top end and when I tightened the cams down I went to push the kick starter down and wen at top of stroke it hit the valve and gets stuck what could be the problem
  6. kawi318318

    05 yz 250 cases

    I need a new left case was wondering what year would work on other half of case looking to buy used left case
  7. kawi318318

    Recommended Yz 250 motor guys

    Does he have a website I can check out
  8. kawi318318

    Recommended Yz 250 motor guys

    I wanna send my motor out but debating between Eric gorr or esr racing so I was wondering what company would build the best yz250 motor
  9. kawi318318

    2009 yz250 ignition and reed block upgrade

    I would go with boyzen I have v-force 3 and the reed pedals are always chipping and on the ignition I think GET makes a good one for Yz 250
  10. Hi I'm looking for some recommended jettings I have 05 Yz 250 with fmf fatty and shorty silencer I'm at sea level
  11. kawi318318

    05 Yz 250

    There's no up and down play just a little side to side there wasn't dirt in the head just the carb but I'm gonna re jet it and throw new piston and rings in
  12. kawi318318

    05 Yz 250

    I pulled the jug everything looked good but it sucked some dirt into air box and carb and spark plug looked a little lean what recommended jetting for 05 Yz 250 with fmf fatty and shorty silencer
  13. kawi318318

    05 Yz 250

    Yeah it won't start now there's not much compression it would bogg at high rpm and it just shut down and it wouldn't idle
  14. kawi318318

    05 Yz 250

    I have o5 Yz 250 and it has about 6 hrs on it and I did a 2hr enduro at about a hour and a half it started making this ticking noise and started to loose power bogging down what would cause this issue with only 6hrs on piston