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  1. woodsboy00

    86 CR125 Parts

    Anyone have any they would sell? Also, what year range do I need to be looking for that will interchange? 85-89? Thanks guys.
  2. woodsboy00

    1983 YZ250 Build

    Sooooo, I bought this '83 a few months back with the intention of getting it going and running it. Since then, things have got in the way, (we all know how that is) and I am just now getting back to it. I am looking for what year bikes parts will interchange with this bike. I need: POSSIBLY a new/used jug New/used power valve Power valve linkage cover Brake handle Shock recharged/new shock? Sprockets and chain Shifter Anybody have these parts or know where to get them? I don't want to spend a fortune on this bike, it won't ever be pretty again... thanks guys
  3. woodsboy00

    Noob question! Boring size?

    I started digging more into my '83 yz250 today, and just now realized the fact that if its that old it surely has an oversized piston in it. Got to looking and it said .060 on the top of the piston. In my limited knowledge I want to say this is as far as you can go on the boring. Will somebody that has more knowlegde please help me?
  4. woodsboy00

    My 1983 Yamaha YZ250 rebuild!

    Ok, I got this bike, paid $100 for it about 3 months ago. It was my gradation present to myself. I know the obvious stuff to look for. I know exactly NOTHING on the history of this bike. Can anybody give me a checklist or an idea of what I need to have done or look for?
  5. woodsboy00

    Anybody riding any 80's models?!?!

    mracer972 I sent you a private message, I could really use some parts so thanks!
  6. woodsboy00

    KX250 Top End

    Any idea of the cost? $600-$1000?
  7. woodsboy00

    KX250 Top End

    We are having issues finding a top end for this bike. It has everything else, BUT the top end. And we have looked and looked for a top end, but can't find one. Any ideas where we COULD find a top end?
  8. woodsboy00

    KX250 Top End

    My buddy has a '92 KX250 he picked up for free. The bike is awesome, plastics aren't too bad, seat is good, good tires, only thing is, he has everything but the top end. Making this bike COMPLETELY useless. Any suggestions on what to do with it?
  9. woodsboy00

    Top End?d

    My buddy has a '92 KX250 that he picked up for free. Bike is perfect, except for the top end is completely missing! Everything else is there... he needs a top end. Any ideas?
  10. woodsboy00

    Anybody riding any 80's models?!?!

    Thanks for all the help guys! I cannot wait to get this bike running!!!
  11. woodsboy00

    Anybody riding any 80's models?!?!

    I found out the bike is definitely 83 model. Its has the 24Y stamp on it... so now, just got to start work on it. Break it apart, make a parts list, buy the parts, and re-assmble. Wish me luck guys!
  12. woodsboy00

    Year model of this YZ250

    Thanks guys!
  13. woodsboy00


    Yea, I am going to restore it. Mostly just want it running right now.
  14. woodsboy00

    Year model of this YZ250

    I have the top end to this bike, so no worries there haha. If anybody can tell me the year model and possibly what year model parts would exchange with this bike, I would greatly appreciate it!