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  1. crf2501997

    valve specs

    I am going threw my top end on my 04 crf250r and can't find a spec for valve projection above the valve seat or head
  2. crf2501997

    Drop link for CRF250R

    A good thing to do it lower the forks and rear shock. but do it right. It is also good chance to change suspension fluid
  3. crf2501997

    250ex wheelies

    Float height and inlet neddle
  4. crf2501997

    Honda 1987 trx250x motor swap

    Has anyone ever put a atc250r motor in a 250x quad. I cracked the case on mine and just wanna do a kick ass build. Any ideas?
  5. crf2501997

    homemade spark arrestor

    that helped alot thanks i have a custom made endcap
  6. what is the best design for a spark arrestor. and what material is best
  7. crf2501997

    frozen sand

    our local sand dunes just opened and ive never riden in sand this early. is a paddle still needed
  8. crf2501997


    is the yoshimura TRS a dirt bike exhaust? i googled it and it came up one Yoshimura website a street bike exhaust
  9. crf2501997

    2005 CRF250R PARTING

    do you have the exhaust still?
  10. crf2501997

    04 250R

    i have a 04 crf250 the only thing ive had go wrong with it was jetting. it was stainless valves. which id recomend over stock.
  11. crf2501997

    White brothers exhaust

    88 views? and nobody knows about them
  12. crf2501997

    Crf 250 2008 bad bad idle and starting issues

    it sounds like ur pilot jet is either plugged or to small. i had the same problem and i went to a bigger jet
  13. i was riding at the sand dune and my spark arrester created to much pressure and blew my end cap off. and i couldn't locate it. i was informed the white brothers was bought out by Vance and Hines. so i was wondering where i could buy a carbon pro end cap
  14. crf2501997

    silver lake dunes. michigan

    it kinda seemed like a waste. i mean for only one time?
  15. crf2501997

    sand riding.

    thank for all the advice. just hope they dont decibal test me.