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  1. hello my friends, you could try to get a Yamaha Supermono SZR660, it has a TZR125/250 frame and a liquid cooled SOHC 5-valve XTZ660 Ténéré engine with YDIS, and equipped with Italian made Paioli USD front forks, Marzocchi rear shock-absorber, single Brembo front and rear disc brake, the exhaust system is from Lafranconi silenziatori. edit: With Raptor YFM700R big bore mods, I'm sure it will serve you
  2. Races this September 30th in Barranquilla, Colombia, South America. there will be promotional cathegories for thumpers: * 200 cc 4t aire (Air cooled Street & Dual-Sport 4Stroke up to 200 cc) and * Supermoto S2 (Open or Unlimited)
  3. Hi, the Yamaha Superjet SJ700 is equipped with a standard engine of 700 cc, 2cyl, 2stroke. The engine produces 72 Hp and reaches a speed of 73 Km / h (45 MPH). The weight of the unit without gasoline, but with battery is 147 Kg (324 lb). A guy from Netherlands installed an engine from a Yamaha WaveRunner GP1200. This engine is a 3 cyl, 1200cc, 2stroke engine. This engine deliveres 135 hp. And this guy explains how he built the ultimate race-machine for close circuit racing in his web site. http://www.superjet1200.nl/ By evdmk {Copyright © 2009 Superjet1200.nl All Rights Reserved} Jorge David Amador Zárate
  4. Measure the cylinder bore with the cylinder bore gauge in parallel to and at right angles to the crankshaft. Then, find the average of the measurements. Measure the piston skirt diameter with a micrometer. 5 mm (0.20 in) from the piston bottom edge. Calculate the piston-to-cylinder clearance with following formula. Piston-to-cylinder clearance = Cylinder bore – Piston skirt diameter ; <Limit>: 0.15 mm (0.006 in) Hope this helps
  5. Hi, the kit could fit in my engine? cases are similar to those of the ybr, but is a yd110
  6. yes, standar piston have the arrow the standar piston size is 54 mm with a piston pin bore inside diameter of 15 mm
  7. you can use 12 v, 35 / 35 w, h4 and the XTZ125 or XTZ125X fairing
  8. hi, i am sure you will find here http://ymenvom.nl/result.php?pl=ES&c=MC&m=TTR125&y=0&l=EN
  9. hi, in my location we use different ratios depending on where we are riding 45 / 14 (3,214) in a road track 46 / 14 (3,286) in a supermoto track 48 / 14 (3,429) in a on / off track Here you order ratios 49 / 13 (3,769) stock small wheel 54 / 13 (4,154) stock large wheel
  10. hi, the 5HH is the code name for YBR125 Brasil. do not worry, it is the same engine.
  11. Hi, once I put the slide backwards and it did not close completely. I hope that's it
  12. you can get manuals Yamaha TT-R125 2001M~2007W Owner's Services Manuals http://ymenvom.nl/re...TTR125&y=0&l=EN Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. nl
  13. Questions about carburetors mod: could the Keihin PWK28 (YZ85) carburetor be used on a 150cc full modified TT-R125 engine? or only can be used the Mikuni VM28 (YZ80) to replace the Mikuni VM20SS (TT-R125)? TThanks