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  1. 2013 KTM 350 SXF Yoshi full carbon RS4 system Pivot pegs Aggressive mapping switch scotts dampener moto oz tyres funnel webb air filter Dirt tricks timing chain adjuster Apico gear/back break leavers RFX clutch/front break leavers

    Wet weight for 350 sxf

    ive got the 13 ktm 350 sxf..i swapped out the stock battery for a 600gms one and got a full system yoshimura..titanium header with carbon slip on..its now light and whippy :-)

    Clutch pull on 350sxf

    mate which model lever do you have? i mite get one for my 13 350 sxf??
  4. i changed out my FMF slip on for a full Yoshimura Carbon Fiber System RS-4 Comp Series......major difference! alot more responsive..pulling higher gears and much louder note which is great to listen to..heaps of hit and snap with my wild mapping and yoshi combined plus i installed a bigger air filter helps a bit. ..rubber mount for the bar with a scotts dampener makes it super duper smooth..some pivot pegs plus custom alloy levers -break-clutch-gear-front break .also got a timing chain adjuster from dirtdtricks as the stock one didnt have much adjustment. but yea all the other parts i ordered where from SLAVENS RACING.

    '13 350sxf pipe?

    I received my Yoshimura Carbon Fiber Full System RS-4. RS-4 Comp series......its fits well and it rockets..heaps of power..riding a gear higher plus my wild map switch has kato going nuts..verry snappy and im verry happy

    '13 350sxf pipe?

    i ordered my pipe from slavings racing...i asked them for the 2013 and they said they had them. I'm still waiting tho it should be here in a day or 2. i asked the local ktm dealers about the tuning aspect and they said it should be fine to fit and ride because of settings yoshi applied for the 2013 bikes..ill let you's no how it goes........Yoshimura Carbon Fiber Full System RS-4. RS-4 Comp Series......

    '13 350sxf pipe?

    I've just brought the 2013 350 sxf and just brought the full yoshi system the pro rs4 full carbon slip on with the titanium header..do u need to get this tuned to the bike or can i put it on and ride it str8 away? ?
  8. i just picked up my 2013 350sxf yesterday..added the aggressive mapping and an FMF slip on and the thing snaps and barks like angry pitty...almost on par with my cuzins 450sxf tho there's not a hit like the 450sxf...
  9. maybe its because the 13 ktm's have started to roll out in the last week and they have been riden at demo days
  10. afew dealers ive spoken to say the AKRPO is the best exhaust system for the 2013 350F but ive seen afew reviews in mags say the yoshi is better.... is it just the dealers trying to pull a swifty?

    2013 350sxf gearing question

    mate is that a 6speed?
  12. thanks mate ill give that a try..if not im just going to replace the stocl carb with a keihin pwk. ive herd there heaps better
  13. i turn the fuel on and the bowl fills up str8 away with no fuel going thru the over flow tube...over flow tube is clean and clear...i take the bowl off fuel spills everywhere :-(
  14. gee ahe..maybe the big 450's should be keeping a watch over there shoulder.... they must be pretty close to 50HP for the 350sxf by now?
  15. haven't herd many reviews on them so far...bit slow down here in australia.