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  1. pitbikeguam

    My klx 140 street motard

    Thanks for the comments..i bought these wheels from wholesalecycles.com but i think their out of stock for the next month or two from what i was told
  2. pitbikeguam

    My klx 140 street motard

    Just a few pictures of my 2008 KLX 140 Street motard fitted with 12" motard wheels from a pitbike . 37t rear sprocket 16t front sprocket. With the new set up i can play with the gearing . performance exhaust from a klx 150. Headlight from EBAY wiring harness gutted out from a chinese scooter. rejetted 100M 40P so far so good..enjoy http://i838.photobuc.../Photo-0588.jpg http://i838.photobuc.../Photo-0587.jpg http://i838.photobuc.../Photo-0585.jpg http://i838.photobuc.../Photo-0586.jpg
  3. pitbikeguam

    Help with KLX 140 sprockets

    Im also looking for a smaller rear 428 pitch for my street klx 140. anyone know if i can get anything smaller then 49t? and 15 or 16t front sprocket 428.. thanks
  4. I seen a post on the headlight wiring but has anyone wired up signal and brake lights for a klx 140..i seen kits online kinda pricey so i would like to use my stock harmess and add additional wires to make it work..any info will be much appreciated thank you
  5. could you kindly post more info on your setup thanks:)
  6. I would like more info on your lighting setup pictures will also be great..thanks:)