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  1. jack-miles

    98 RM 250 running trouble.

    ok guys thanks alot for your help. im sending it to my local mx shop to be done by a pro! i will let you know what was wrong. thanks again!!!!
  2. jack-miles

    98 RM 250 running trouble.

    i adjusted my cable yes. sorry for not being clearer! and i have brought new pads and they are fine
  3. jack-miles

    98 RM 250 running trouble.

    ive adjusted my clutch several times and no change. my plug is fine as is my compression she starts 1st kick everyy time and im going to change my jetting but have no idea what sizes to use. i need to check and see what size are in there.
  4. jack-miles

    98 RM 250 running trouble.

    Hi folks 1st post. ok so i brought a 1998 rm 250,tryed to ride it and it needed to be red lined to move. then when it warmed up it was abit better but still not full power i thought it was fuel so checked my reeds and they were shot. all cracked so they were replaced and the trouble continued. long story short i can put it in 1st and it wnt move unless redlined. i replaced the clutch basket pads and cable and its still the same does anybody have any idea what could be wrong! i intend to replace the inner hub and springs also just cash flow problem at the minute! any help is appreciated thanks!!