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  1. suspectdevice

    Electrical Annoyances!

    Hey guys, I have an 83 XL600R, on which i am having issues getting power to the brake light/rear turn signal wires. All connections and grounds seem good, the headlight works fine, so i had a question about the small plastic rectangle that connects the three clusters of wires. Do these go bad? Anybody had similar problems? Any suggestions at all would be helpful. Thanks.
  2. suspectdevice

    good bye 650l!

    What's the headlight on your 650l?
  3. suspectdevice

    No power to rear wires '83 XL600r

    Hey everybody, Just bought a 1983 xl600r, running great, headlight/indicator lights working fine, all wiring appears to be clean and connected, but not getting any juice to the taillight/rear turn signal wires. I haven't torn into the harness yet, but is there something obvious I should be looking for? I know very little about this stuff Not sure whats important to note, but there are no turn signals installed, no ignition switch, and it is running on a White Brothers battery eliminator. Any tips or a nudge in the right direction would be awesome. Thanks