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    06 cr 250 with 01 engine

    Ok thanks mate . It's just my bottom end I bought did not come with kick starter. And I can get a good deal on 03 kickstart , does anyone know if they are all compatible Thanks for info mate
  2. tommy300exc

    06 cr 250 with 01 engine

    thanks for your help mate. sorry i took so long but this bike is a slow process lol ive stripped her down and powder coated the frame bright red il post some pics ive bought a 97 bottom end and installed new crank, rod and clutch and ive ordered the conversion kit from ebay with anodized head stays. and ive just ordered 2001 cylinder kit from honda of troy. ive also bought 2000 model pwk38 air striker although im without a kick starter for the engine. did you use your original 98 kick start. did it clear the frame when unfolding and kicking. or did you use 02 -07 kick start thanks again for your info
  3. tommy300exc

    06 cr 250 with 01 engine

    hi guys i just bought an 06 cr 250 rolling chassis, with the intention of putting an 01 cr 250 engine, this seems to be a common mod. there are kits available that any cr 250 motor from 92 to 01 will fit, my only trouble is finding a complete 01 engine, i have also heard that the cylinders are intercahngable, can anyone claify this ?. can i buy a cr 250 bottom end and slap on an 01 cylinder, head and piston will i have to modify the power valve timing and mechanism. also when it comes to fitting 01 pipes to 06 frame, will i run into problems thanks guys