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  1. I lucked out and ended up with street papers for my 08 KTM 250SXF. I want to know if the 250 XCF or the EXC-F had a higher output stator to meet standards for the dual sport kit. Not interested in opinions on trading to make life easier. Or the effects on bike. Want to know what is needed precisely. Please and thank you.
  2. Grayk47

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    XR440 pre e start (coming soon)
  3. Grayk47

    XR400 The E-Start Checklist

    Going to be doing this conversion once I have all the parts I'll be doing a walkthrough of how to do it without a kit and emphasizing on what is necessary there is a ton of great info on here and a some other blogs but overall it can be confusing. Standby for for in next few weeks
  4. Grayk47

    1996-2004 honda XR400 service manual

    Ok so I've already sent to a few guys all you need to do is setup drop box send me your username for dropbox and i'll add you to my folder you can DL it from there
  5. Grayk47

    XR400 The E-Start Checklist

    That post on ebay is great however I've been able to find everything in that kit for about 350 all together (including taxes and shipping) but for anyone who isn't lucky enough to find parts local that is a good kit.
  6. I have an excellent pdf copy of the XR manual pm me email and i will send you a copy
  7. OK so i want to keep this simple and precise. I have an XR 400 and despite a lot of negativity surrounding the e-start and how money could be better spent. I agree to not spend 1400 on a direct fit e-start or whatever. So heres my question regarding TRX400EX parts if i pick them up: Can i use the EX center cases, left cover, starter and crank with everything else being existing parts? What am I missing so that i can understnad this fully before going through with anything
  8. Grayk47

    My 2001 XR440 Project

    Sorry I didn"t mention that 100w is running off the Baja Designs Reg/Rec i do have a Ricky Stator Reg/Rec which I intend to keep separate for future plans
  9. Grayk47

    My 2001 XR440 Project

    Hello from Halifax Nova Scotia, like the post says I'm from Halifax and I've been following various posts on here. Now that I've got some upgrades on the XR I’m going be more involved in these forums. I'll keep this brief and give a rundown of what I have done thus far; Power: JE Pistons 440 Big Bore HotCams Stage 2 Mikuni Pumper Carburetor FMF PowerBOMB headers FMF Powercore exhaust 2x100w Stator Cosmetics: Black powder coat on frame, sub frame and rims. Black plastics (paint was a complete failure as anticipated although the wrap should prove superior) Black Seat Future Additions: Shock and Forks Brakes E start? The bike is hard to kick now it will start after about 25 minutes cold. its been getting easier to kick but I do miss my 1 kick start here’s a picture with red seat since the teardown rebuild the valves which whistled before have started to tick any suggestions on valves? These are OE.
  10. Grayk47

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    440 Big Bore Hot Cams Stage 2 36mm Mikuni Carb FMF PC4 w/ power bomb header Powder Coated; Frame, Swing Arm, Rims Seat and shock boots have since been replaced Acerbis Fenders renthal MX Bars 15/45(38 for hwy) Renthal Chain n Sprockets Clark Tank (not in picture) after market CDI and baja designs dual sport kit