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    Restoring a 1973 Kawasaki KE100/G5

    I looked to try and find the "vintage" early 70's switch controls on ebay, and was unable to find any. The newer controls from the 80's and 90's were able to be found. I'm thinking that the wiring should be about the same, if not identical. I'll get a float bowl gasket and clean that carb out soon, and I will report back what happens.
  2. Gh0sTly

    Restoring a 1973 Kawasaki KE100/G5

    Thanks MaxPower! I heard somewhere that there is another bike Kawasaki made that has the same size shocks, but has a disk brake setup. That could be neat, but I don't think it to be totally needed. These bikes supposedly top out at about 55-60mph, and I'm ok with that. My main goal will be ride comfort, mostly because its gonna be on the road more than in the dirt. I love the look of this bike and the fact that its so old make me really want to bring it back to its original condition, as close as I can get it. And with it having such low mileage, its just begging for it. As for the oil mix, I more so want to make sure its still right. I don't know if its working or not, let alone if its putting out the right amount of oil. The carb seems to need cleaned or adjusted, as the bike is hard to get to start, and once it starts, the idle is way to high. As for this bike's acceleration, its great. I replaced the original clutch from 1973 with a brand new one(old clutch was slipping no matter how I adjusted it.) Its not a very complicated bike either, so I feel safe "restoring" it as best as I can, especially since this is my first bike.
  3. Gh0sTly

    Restoring a 1973 Kawasaki KE100/G5

    I have a old shop manual in .pdf that covers the 70's KE100 that I just got yesterday. Its been helpful. Does anyone know where I could order a carb rebuild kit if I need it? As far as the switch wiring for the newer handlebar electrical controls, If its a matter of wiring differences, that is something that I can probably figure out. Finding a set of switches that arent broke in one way or another for the 70's KE100 seems near impossible, thats why I ask about the 80's/90's switches. On the matter of changing the fork oil, will that also help with the ride on-road? How often should the rear shocks be replaced or maintained? Amazingly, this bike shows about 6400 on the Odo, so its not seen tons of use in its lifetime. As promised, here are the pics of my bike the day I got it. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/22563412/Kawasaki%20KE100/2012-05-13%2016.35.42.jpg https://dl.dropbox.com/u/22563412/Kawasaki%20KE100/2012-05-13%2016.36.00.jpg
  4. I'm sorry if this kind of thread has been made before, but I'm in need of some help. I have some issues with my KE100, and I'd like to get some advice. First-off, I have some questions about how to get the carb set proper as well as the air/fuel/oil mix proper. The next question I'd have would be, can I use the newer handlebar controls for the electrical and shutoff from the 90's and up KE100 on my 73'? I guess the last question I'd have is this, from your experiences, what would be a good 50/50 set of tires for this bike? I intend on using it primarily on the road for transportation to work, but I also have 11 acres of land at my disposal and I'd like to ride in the dirt there too, no mud, just dirt. Any and all suggestions you can give me on this will be greatly appreciated. I'll be sure to post pictures of the bike soon.