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  1. 2005crf250r

    2005 crf250r will not start! please help!

    No i have not cleaned the carb but i know for sure there is fuel in the bowl... and i tried starting fluid which did not help... but i just looked on motosport and the cams appear to be different part numbers... so i think thats where i screwed up..
  2. 2005crf250r

    2005 crf250r will not start! please help!

    Any ideas!?
  3. I need some help gettong my bike fixed!

  4. Hey guys! i have a 2005 crf250r and it will not start. ill start from when i got the bike last year. I bought it last year for $800 it would not run. i got it took it apart and it needed a new lifter bucket and a cam (the cam sprocket spun on the cam.) I purchased new buckets, a used cam off ebay, and the $70 hotcams shim kit. It ran good for a few months then the rod bearing went out and it started knocking. I took the motor apart and installed a new crank, piston, piston rings, and timing chain. the bike has been running great for about 5-6 months then got hard to start figured it was valves, went to adjust them and the other lifter bucket had a hole, i purchased that and the i noticed the cam was also screwed up, one of the lobes was worn down, and it happened my friends 07 crf250r the crank had just gone out so he gave me his cam and installed it reshimmed valves back into specs, and set the timing. the bike has not started since i have checked and rechecked the valves and timing. tried to start it for at least an hour every once and a while there was a backfire but nothing else. tried to tow start it behind a quad towed it for probably half a mile nothing but the occasional backfire. it also has a brand new spark plug and has spark. i removed head and flipped it upside down and filled the little area where the valves and spark plugs are with gas and none dripped out.. soo valves seem to be sealing removed the left cover today where (stator or magneto or whatever it is) is located and made sure keyway was still good and it was i am at a total loss. drained and replaced all gas. and still no luck. i need help!
  5. 2005crf250r

    PLEASE HELP! 2005 crf250r need help!

    Ordered a shim kit 2 mins ago let you know how it works out.
  6. 2005crf250r

    PLEASE HELP! 2005 crf250r need help!

    I really dont know i just bought the bike
  7. 2005crf250r

    PLEASE HELP! 2005 crf250r need help!

    BolinJrsPit Crew thanks for the advice! but I live in a really small town and i don't have a very good machine shop... And I do actually know alot about working on bikes. I've been doing it for awhile. i just made a stupid little mistake. And sorry if that sounded rude... i just wasn't sure how to word it.
  8. okay so recently i purchased a 2005 crf250r from one of my friends. for $800 it had some problems one of the valve lifter buckets was stuck in the head thus holding the valve open so no compression ordered new lifter bucket and reassembled. then ended up buying a cam because cam sprocket had spung on cam so could not time. installed that made sure timing marks were all perfect several times. but could not start just backfires. so tow started it and got it going road it for awhile and then shut it down same problem wouldn't kick start pulled it apart and checked timing still perfect. so checked valves! there was my problems all 4 of them were almost at 0.0 so i went to put the cam but anyway in doing all this i cracked the camshaft bearing cap! i've heard there machined to the head so i can't buy just that part anywhere! and I'm only 15 i don't have much $$ and my parents don't really like the whole dirt bike thing to much anyway so i pay for everything myself! so what i'm really, really hoping is one of you guys has an old one laying around that you'd be willing to sell me relatively cheap! Also it needs to be the left side one -Thank you!!! EDIT: it's this part http://t2.gstatic.co...06fw7shDu0u&t=1 (but the left side not the right as pictured)