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  1. lookin to trade my brand new white front plate for a new blue one!!!! let me know
  2. mattmako

    kick start not engaging.

  3. mattmako

    valve seals? notorious on these bikes or what?

    thanks ill get some
  4. mattmako

    rear wheel rebuild

    ok thanks for the help im gona go ahead and get the black 19, and corresponding spokes. and no im refreshing these wheels, just a second set. these hubs look like compete SHIT. the clear anodizing is completely worn off on them. so both will be torn down. spokes cleaned on front. and painted/ powder coating. and the powder coating holds well idk what your talkinga bout. last alot longer than the oem clear anodizing on the silver.
  5. mattmako

    rear wheel rebuild

    got a 2002 cr125 replaced beat up wheels with new gforce set.. holding up nice now i wana refresh the oems.... i wana try and get all my stuff from rocky mountain because they have the rewards program. so i was looking to keep the stock hub because its in good condition and replace spokes and rim. (rim has nasty mushed area from spoke) and just the rears the problem oem fronts in amazing shape. so i wanted to go with a black warp 9 rim. and warp 9 spokes. would these lace up to my oem hub? thanks
  6. ok so this is my first zuk bike. and i got it second hand. heres the problem i bought it and it was burning oil when you give it a decent amount of gas. didnt need to be floored. so i knew it had to be the valve seals. i was right.....so i do a full refresh on top end while im there. new oem piston rings....bad idea because i could only use the oem oil scrapers. the compression ring is still the one that was in there when i bought it because this is a high comp pison. and the oem compression is too thick to fit in it!!!!noooo but its fine for now cuz the ring gap on the one in there was .015......ok moving on....replaced cam chain (really bad). and i made the dumbass choice of getting a tusk topend gasket complete kit!!!! while installing the valve seals i was like hmmmm wth? these have like a ton of slack around the seal area.....and my dumbass just said &%$#@! it and used them anyways!!! hahaha now the bike burns more oil is it possible i have aftermarket valves.... and some magical way these valves have a skinnier shaft or something? do i need new valves? or should i just get oem valve seals please tell me what are the best set of valve seals out there. or is this a common problem with the rmz250s?
  7. seeing long hair coming from the back of her helmet as she hits the track, and just rips. i stare harder at nothing

  8. i love seeing cool people out in the brandywine area ridding. it really makes your day compairde to the &%$#@! that flip on you

  9. neck brace on the way, i figure a wheel chair costs about $300 so its worth it haha

  10. i could ride the same track a million times. i could watch the same race over and over. i could work on the same bike forever.<3 moto

  11. ok i own a cr125 and im almost positive from the factory the bikes come with alot of the aluminum CLEAR ANODIZED.... i used purple degreaser and acid. and took it all off so did previous owner. and i want to know if anyone knows a way to restor the look of my rear, front calipers and resoviors. should i get them powder coated? scotch bright the shit out of them? orrr? what
  12. I just got asked "are you pro or something" after ridding with a goon. Best compliment ever haha no @MOTOProbs here

  13. Amazing afternoon of ridding. Cool, dry, and no cops