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  1. No offense taken, but look at what goes on in your country every day. Random mall shootings, riots, I read about some game called "punch out", etc. So the world is a dangerous place, but those things you spoke about were taking place 15 years ago. Have you been here, or are you just regurgitating a state department warning? We also have a gun range next door, so your welcome to sleep with a shotgun leaned up against the wall!
  2. This isn't for everyone and we will have room for a max of 10 people. The accomodations will be 4 star and all inclusive. Of course I have thought of insurance and realize that this is a high risk sport, as would anyone coming to ride. This isn't a litigous society like the US, which is the most litigous and clearly there will be a waiver. I think you are making assumptions in your statement "things that you haven't considered yet" and of course you have not seen the business plan to know whether I have or not. Anyway thanks for your feedback and don't worry I already live in Colombia and will build this regardless.
  3. I have some friends who are into it and they can certainly guide people to singletrack. And as I mentioned before, you can ride down any public road you want to access the terrain. There is no shortage of places to ride here, thats for sure. Yes, we do plan to tie all tracks together so that someone can do just what you say. I referred in my previous post to the acreage it takes to make a track with 10 acres being about the minimum for an AMA style moto track. SInce we are going to build an SX style track and an Endurocross and they require much less, we can build both of those on 5 acres combined. That leaves 5 for infrastructure and 40 to construct the rest of the tracks. The concept that I have is for this to be dense in the interior, with room left around the perimiter to build a Hard Enduro single track.
  4. Thanks for the feedback.... I guess that maybe you off-road guys haven't ever built an MX track. But 10 acres is plenty to build a nice track that is over a mile long. 10 acres is the equivalent to about 8 football fields. Imagine taking an SX track (usually built on a football field) and then stretching it out and stringing 7 or 8 of them together. Or you could look at it this way; A football field is 160 feet wide and 360 feet long. So you could take 2 acres wide and 4 acres long and you would have a space that was 320 feet wide and 1440 feet long. If you just ran the track down and back twice without any deviation from a straight line you would have a track 1 mile long. Now your AMA standard max width is 40 feet and minimum is 16, so in a property 2 acres wide you could lay down 8 40 foot lanes. Since you want to leave a little room in between say 10 feet, you can now run 6 lanes at 40 feet wide, or make them 30 feet wide, which is still plenty and run your 8. Of course you will not want to make an MX track in lanes for the most part, but you get the idea.
  5. Appreciate your feedback and yes that price includes a cabin , 3 meals a day, bike and all access to the facilities. We are targeting track based riders and for the woods guys, they can ride their bikes on public roads to access other riding areas if they like. The topography of this land is such that I believe we wil be able to keep riders interested. The GP track will have no man made jumps and be suitable for new riders and vets who don't want to jump. The MX track will obviously include man made obstacle but also utilize the terrain to provide many natural obstacles. The Endurocross and SX style tracks will of course be man made obstacles, although I belive we will end up mixing in some natural terrain for the Endurocross.
  6. Colombia is an amazing country with the happiest and friendliest people I have ever met and considerably more freedom than most countries, including the US. It is much cheaper in terms of day to day costs and insurance, although they heavily tax products that are imported. It is also easy to get to from North America/South America/Europe and there is a huge interest in motorcycles in the country. They pretty much have football, cycling and then motorcycles. The location itself was chosen primarily because it's where I want to live and has a perfect climate with lows of 50 at night and highs in the mid 70's during the day. There is also just the right amount of rain, a large spring on the property that feeds down the hill into cement tanks for irrigation and the is dirt composed of clay/sand and very few rocks. Most of the references you are making to other tracks and their acreage requirements are on flat land. Ours is not flat, it is rolling and tiered hills and so the mx and gp tracks can wind up and down the hills quite easily. 10 acres for each is plenty, because we don't need to consider open space for spectators in between, etc. The footprint for the paddock/hotel is quite small and the home sites will be built on adjacent acreage. Of course I have done my due diligence to understand what the price structure needs to be to support this and posting in forums is an exercise to confirm my assumptions as to what someone will pay. The off-road guys who are not my main target, are not willing to pay nearly as much as the moto focused guys. 400 bucks a day with a room, meals, a bike and access to the facility is at the low end of the price scale, but enables a greater number of people the chance to visit. Some have suggested that make the resort 3x cost per day and target the high end of the spectrum, which I would rather not do. Since this is also my home, I haven't set out to get rich off of this. The idea is more about making a community of like minded folks that also supports itself.
  7. Haha, thanks for the encouragement mate! Believe me I won't let your opinion stop me, so best to save those 10 minutes anyway. We'll send you a postcard.
  8. Thanks for the feedback Kash, I appreciate it. Opinions from other forums, maybe that are more MX focused, seemed to think the price was fair. In fact some thought it was too cheap and that it should be double.
  9. What would be a fair price for you then?
  10. Reed is using approximately 25 acres for the tracks seen in the below article. http://tbo.com/pasco-county/motocross-stars-cart-track-goes-too-far-neighbors-say-596738
  11. If I were planning to build miles and miles of single track, I agree. But that isn't the plan, this is designed to be dense. Again if you go and look at say Chad Reed's complex, and drop a Googel Earth gird on it, there isn't a lot of land required. Believe me I was raised on a thousand acre ranch in Wyoming and 500 acres is not necessary, that is a massive amount of land.
  12. Good suggestions and things that I have thought of. If all goes as planned and I can leverage my days working in the moto industry, we will have some big names. The plan is to have a wrench on site and yes parterning with a suspension company is a great idea. As for the land required, it's different for us becuase we don't need to make concessions for fans. A national track needs all that land because of parking, etc., which we don't need. Look at what is constructed by some of the top pros in world on 10 acres and you will realize that 50 is more than enough.
  13. I can see that TT is more of a forum for off-road guys. My target really isn't that guy, but we will make accomodations. If you want thousands and thousands of acres of private land to ride then, yeah this isn't for you. If your looking for an experience that doesn't exist today, one in which you get to ride bikes you may never ridden before and in an exclusive setting, you're who were after. We don't plan to hold races and since we will limit the number of riders on any given day to well under 100, so we don't need thousands of acres. An AMA standard MX track can be constructed on 10 acres quite easily, so land really isn't an issue for us. We will have 2 tracks that are at least a mile long and then a couple of shorter tracks.
  14. Almost forgot, you can make any bike street legal here and you will see people ripping just about everything. So if you are an off-road guy you can put together loops that go right through town.
  15. Everything is only better in BC if you've never been to Colombia! I know you guys have some pretty difficult riding, but I would bet that this stuff will blow your mind. Hard Enduro isn't my thing, but that's what most of the riders here ride on a regular basis. Happy to set you up with a guide when the time comes.