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  1. elcohete

    No spark on 2006 DRZ 400sm

    For future reference to anyone installing a new stator, never assume just because its new, that it works. Can't tell you how many hours I spent troubleshooting everything else assuming the new stator was good to go. Just finished installing the second replacement stator and the drizzer fired right up. :-)
  2. elcohete

    No spark on 2006 DRZ 400sm

    After trouble shooting everything else and all are within spec, all roads lead back to the stator (oem, from another drz/sm) since everything else checks. No voltage ( well, .5 - 1v) coming from the blue into the cdi from the stator.
  3. elcohete

    No spark on 2006 DRZ 400sm

    Ok, so first, yes I searched, yes I read the FAQ's and performed the recommended tests and followed the ignition tests in the service manual. So, stator took a dump, replaced it, now no spark. Starter goes just fine, batt is fully charged and holds a charge. Following the steps in the service manual it passes all tests until trying to measure the ignition voltage which is zero. Checked as all the connectors and wires, all good (disconnected, cleaned w/contact cleaner and reconnected). The SM states the prognosis is a bad CDI (read this rarely happens in multiple threads) so swapped with a friends (2008 drz400sm), repeat the test, same result with a known working CDI. Went ahead and tested everything else, all good. Been at this for 3 days and need help figuring out why I still don't have spark :-(