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    speed wobble

    From my experience, weight distribution has a lot to do with it, besides frame geometry and even how wide your bars are. I used to race road bicycles and on long downhills would scoot back to where my chest was on the saddle, my butt over the rear tire, knees squeezed together and my hands gripping the bars right next to the stem. Great for aerodynamics, but I discovered one day, at a certain speed the front end starts to shimmy violently. I managed to save it, but I never employed that position again. Better to get to the bottom of a hill slower than to quickly get there not! The steeper the head angle the quicker a bike will turn, but it also makes it more prone to head shake. And keep your weight forward!
  2. passnthru

    Pre Ride Enduro Prep for the body

    Electolytes are the issue. I'm a serious bicyclist as well, so you learn a few things about your body when you ride a bicycle hard for 5 hrs or more. Electrolytes are actually minerals, which you need more of, so that is why you are cramping. Especially POTASSIUM, Calcium and magnesium. You mentioned bananas, which do have almost 600 mg. of potassium, but they are difficult to digest (organic are actually easier, less gas). In my opinion avocados are the best, high in potassium and easier to digest. Then go to health food store and get a good multi MINERAL supplement (I use and love Natures Life's Vegetarian Mega Mins and no I'm not a vegetarian) and perhaps an additonal potassium supplement as well (government regulates max potassium potency and it's pretty low). Then in your hydro pack use a hydration/electrolyte replacment beverage like Twin Labs Hydrofuel (experiment with this ahead of time, just to make sure it settles OK), don't use the more common drinks, they have a ton of sugar, not helpful, although something like a coke can work near the end, maybe last 15-30 minutes (too soon and you'll be sorry). Any good health food store should be able to help you with you questions/needs. I'd also take a couple of the potassium supplement tabs along just in case. You'll find you sleep a lot better and you'll feel more calm. This will also take care of any foot or calf cramps you are probably having when you are in bed. As the other writer said, no alcohol. The reason is that alcohol and caffeine both deplete the body of POTASSIUM, which is bad. That is one of the main reasons for hangover and that incredible thirst the morning after, chronic thirst a one of the potassium dificiency symptoms. It's part of the "formula" that maintains the balance of cellular fluids. I could go on and on, but I'm running out of ink. Have fun and relax. (My apologies for a post the length of a book, but this is the abbreviated version!)
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    Difference between KLX and DRZ

    I dropped by the Kawasaki shop today and they have 2 '03 KLX 400. One new for $5000 (I know it's been their for a long time and I could probably pay less) and a used one with a FMF exhaust and not sure what else, for $4700 that looks like it's in good shape (pretty fresh dunlops). What do you experts think is the best buy? Also according to Kawasaki.com the 400 is no longer made, correct? They appear to be the same as the DRZ 400E, which I can also get new probably for the $4700. The KLX's don't have tail lights, does the DRZ? Seems odd to have a headlight, but not tail!? If Dunlops are stock on the KLX, it's hardly been ridden. Like a dope I didn't think to see what tires were on the new one. Thoughts/opinions? One other thing, Kawasaki's web page seems to claim that something on the KLX 300 is "new" for this year. But no details. Is that just marketing blowing smoke, or did they actually make some changes other than graphics? And what was the last year for their 400 (I'm just full of questions aren't, see, there is another one, did you notice 8^))?
  4. passnthru

    Difference between KLX and DRZ

    It's not listed on their WEB site. 110's, 125's and 300R are all they list for KLX. I guess they are trying harder not to step on each others toes. http://www.kawasaki.com/index2.asp Is there any way to tell if a bike has the MCCT without disesembling, which isn't too practical in the show room, know what I mean and I'll bet they won't know? They seem to know as little about their bikes as is humanly possible.
  5. passnthru

    S or E

    What is the best way to go for cost and end result, start with an E modified for dual sport or an S modified for good trail manners? For simplicity sake, 50/50 on/off road riding.
  6. passnthru

    S or E

    Thanks for the input. The E sounds like the way to go. And the Suzuki dealer said that he could plate it for me, which surprised me. Now it's go with the killer finance deal they are offering and add, add, add stuff, or find one used with most of the goodies already there. Most "road" riding I would do would be to trails (I live in an area with 500 miles of trail) and exploring logging roads. I've heard that you don't need turn flashers, or is that only on older bikes?
  7. passnthru

    What to buy, 400 or 300

    Would someone be so kind as to contrast the KLX 300, vs. the 400's for me? I live in the Pacific NW, so we're talking tight and slippery single track. Plus I plan to at least put a plate on it so I can explore with my dual sport buddies, maybe even a little 2 up with the little lady, plus I live in a ranger district with ~500 miles of trail, with 3 trailheads less than .1 of a mile from my door. I'm 5'9" 170#, no recent dirt bike experience (used to ride a Husky big bore), but hundreds of miles of single track on my mountain bike.
  8. passnthru

    Moab Trip

    How did your DRZ stack up against the KLR's?
  9. passnthru

    Oil Again

    With synthetic you don't have to worry about it breaking down, because it doesn't break down like dino' oil. If your oil filter is working, there won't be that much particulate in the oil. Most Amsoil reps I have talked to don't even change their oil, even in diesel motors, just the oil filters. Then periodically they have the oil analyzed, which is pretty cheap to have done.
  10. passnthru

    whats the best chain lube???

    Here's a twist. I saw a post where the guy said that on his O-ring he only used silicone spray while his friend used some o-ring lub. When they torn the chains down after plenty of use they both had the same amount of wear and grease still in the pins. Maybe those little o-rings really do keep the grease in and grim out.
  11. passnthru

    mobil syn.

    OK, but if the same oil is used for the tranny as the engine itself, the oil would have to be different than if the tranny was separate, because of the clutch, i.e. you can't use super slippery oil (designated SL) on your clutch, or the bike she no go because the clutch can't generate enough friction to hold. You'd have to use Amsoils (or some onther brand) JASO MA designated motor cycle specific oil. Modern motor oils formulated for cars are formulated for max' gas mileage, so they are made as slippery as possible. Jaso MA oils don't have those extra "super slippery" additives, therefore your clutch will get adequate friction to actually work, which is a good thing . I know it's a little strange to think of some oils as not being real slippery, but that's my understanding.
  12. passnthru

    DRZ400E gas mileage

    What kind of range off road are you 400 riders experiencing with the stock tank?
  13. passnthru

    DRZ400E gas mileage

    Thanks guys. Around 70 is what I am used to and is plenty in tight woods, besides I may need an excuse to go back to the rig and I'm out of gas is a good one. Learned that trick from an out of shape friend, who would only fill his tank half way, so it wouldn't be long before he'd have an excuse for a breather. Probably stupid questions, but how well do the oversized tanks fit, what was the cost and do you notice any/much difference in how the bike feels with the weight of the extra fuel?
  14. passnthru

    mobil syn.

    Ditto on Amsoil. Please excuse my ignorance because I don't own one yet, but I'm a little confused on whether the DRZ400e is wet or dry sump. Suzuki's web site says it's wet under spec's and dry under features. Which is it? It makes a big difference in the type of oil used. If it's dry, isn't the tranny oil separate from the engine oil, whereas if it's wet don't they share the same oil?
  15. passnthru

    Rocks suck

    You were fortunate. What I found from personal experience is what seems like "10 miles" is usually more like 20! After cooking my KTM a few years back, I ended up hiking 18 miles out of the woods mostly in the dark (and I don't mean a little dark, it was like pitch!). Not fun! Initially I thought I was only 5 or 6 miles out, till after walking about 30 minutes, I came around a corner and could see a rock outcropping that I knew was 13 miles from my rig and it was between me and the rig!!! Fortunately it was summer, but since it was so dark I had to navigate the last 10+ miles by the sound of the gravel on my boots (which were a little too big "ouch")! I guess the moral of the story is never ride the trails alone with boots that are too big!
  16. passnthru


    Amsoil is the original and still the best, and if it weren't for them there probably wouldn't be synthetic oil you could buy! Lots of different products/oils to choose from. My cars burn about 1/5th the amount of Amsoil compared to regular dino oil (36K miles between changes recommended with their best, saves me a lot of time and less polution too). My lawn tractor required topping off after every use with regular oil, but none was needed all year when using synthetic and cooler runing too. One last thing, there are no paraphenes or other contaminates common in regular oil to adhere to and generally gum up the works, just pure lubricant. You'll never go back!
  17. After reading many of the posts about the KLX 300 I went to my local dealer to take a look. He said he has 3 '03's that they would love to move out, not a surprise. Apparently they don't sell many, in fact they even have a '03 KLZ400. Anyway, of course they are asking full retail, but obviously would be open to offers. They sell Honda's also and I think that is what they push. What would be a good starting point on price? Or should I look around and find a dealer with an '04? Probably wouldn't be much, if any difference in price. I'm surprised that there are no other bikes in this class. Seems like a perfect balance between power and weight.