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  1. goat

    need graphics? 2001 TE570

    I will sell you a new FX black grpper seat new in bag for $30.00 shipped free.Goat e-mail forsell@sherbtel.net
  2. I have a new in the bag moto xxx trim kit.covers fender's,airbox,swing arm,fork gaurds/legs and more nice.They sold for $49.99 will look good with any tank shrouds decals.For 01 250/426f I will ship for free $35.00b/o goat
  3. $50 shipped for both garage sale.Goat
  4. goat

    Anybody need graphics

    New prices garage sale.Goat
  5. I have a new in the bag black gripper Factory Effexx FX05-2884 wr/te 125/570 seat cover and some new in the bag UFO 01-04 white sidepanels two-stroke 125/250/360.I will sell it all for $55 and ship it for free.Or seat $30 shipped and sidepanel $35 shipped thanks .Goat e-mail forsell@sherbtel.net
  6. goat

    '05 450f plate backgrounds?

    I have new in the bag N-style white 05 YZ 450 back grounds $22 free shipping.Goat e-mail forsell@sherbtel.net.I can give you new backgrounds and a Tag yz 450 glide plate for $52.00 free shipping.
  7. goat

    Anybody need graphics

    The One.Ind. CR 450 are called Techno flex should be on the their web site or a 02-04 mags.Includes shroud,tanks,swing arm stickers $48 free shipping.The Team ECC include seat cover,tank,shroud,air box ,fork,and more.Can be seen at teamecc.com yellow seat picures.I have a set for a 2002-2004 CR450 ans 125/250 $ 75 shipped retailed from N-style for $119.99 each or $150 for both free shipping.Goat.I have 3 sets of white backgrouds for 02-04 cr 450 and 2 sets for cr250f.All stuff new in bags.Or buy all my CRF stuff for $260 shipped free.Goat
  8. I have a couple complete Team ECC set's and a ONE ind shroud set.Plus lot's backgrounds,not racing any more.goat
  9. I have a new in the bag 30-05 tag glide plate and new white N-style backgrounds.I will send you them both for $55.I'm not a dealer.Just tring to get rid of to many good deals.Goat
  10. goat

    Hot wheels graphics

    I have complete set of Team ECC CR450 graphics with seat.A sticker for every thing,Can be seen at team ecc.$75 shipped to you.Or I have ONE ind,techno CR450 shroud and swing arm graphics for $ 45 shipped.Also many back ground and others.Not a dealer.
  11. goat

    need graphics? 2001 TE570

    I have a new in the bag 01-03 te/wr 410 -570 Factory Effex brand new black gripper seat in the bag .Black with small white husqvarna lettering side towards back.May fit more Husky's FX part # 05-2884 Thanks Frog e-mail forsell@sherbtel.net Sorry $ 36.00 shipped
  12. goat

    Uptite and 610's

    George,is not only a great Husky dealer but a great person as well.He helped me in 1997 when I was sick and to this day still ask about my health.When I'm ready for A TC 250 it will be from George.And I live in Minnesota along way from Cali.Frog
  13. goat

    Can I make these forks work?

    Should be able to make it work.Talk to George Earl at up-tite husky he can help.Also I might me interested in your forks for a vintage project.Thanks goat
  14. goat

    Husqvarna Dealership?

    I checked for you,four in Texas.Didn't see one in Dallas.Frog
  15. goat

    Husqvarna Dealership?

    Go to Husqvarnausa.com and click on dealers.Frog