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  1. i did last night...i'll send you another one.
  2. i'd like to have mine milled/reshaped, what do you charge?
  3. Man, she is BEAUTIFUL!! can't wait to see her with her cloths on (graphics) :))
  4. gotcha, didn't understand that part... imo, 2-strokes are a funner woods bike. they're light, maneuverable and can be flicked, hopped & thrown around easier than 4-strokes.
  5. your ttr230 is a 4-stroke...
  6. i live close to red river. there's a little riding around here, more in the sipapu and alcade/espanola area. they hold webe and rmec races in alcade...
  7. that should be a fun project!
  8. i would sell my relatives kids to have one of those:)))
  9. i was about to put mine in the mail wed. but found out they are closed till 1st part of nov... living and riding at 8000+ ft, i'm pretty sure i need to have it done.
  10. great video's, you did well! i was talked in to racing Zink as well, but after not racing for 15+yrs i only made 4 of the 7 tests... will do better next time for sure!!
  11. i highly recommend it, it was a great time and the course was a lot of fun! the rain we got the night before didn't help much but at least it wasn't dusty:))
  12. Thanks so much for the jetting suggestions, 45pj & 170mj was the ticket!!! Ran Super M 40:1 w/race fuel. Bike ran like a scalded dog, i didnt do quite as well;((
  13. 2 stroke yz doc, your bike looks great!!
  14. A couple better pics... I like the way the 2fitty runs with the Pro Circuit vs the FMF!
  15. did me a little pipe fix and restore today, what do ya'll think??