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  1. i've run trials tires on the rear before but never on the front. how do you like the trials on the front, does it hold as well as a knobby front tire? btw, very nice build and write up!!
  2. yz dude

    09 YZ250 Squish Report

    well crud, i'm REAL happy with the way it runs now but i hate leaving performance on the table... i had done all the other mods months before sending my head in. i use premium unleaded w/o ethanol, i used to run Halman race fuel in Tx but have read it's not worth it at high altitude. the head i sent to EG was an extra...maybe i'll send the stock head w/solder samples to RB Design when he starts taking work again. after reading how different the measurements were on all or you guys bike, i'm curious to find out mine. on a side note...once you've had the squish set tight, do you need to continue to run the same brand piston or is it safe to change?
  3. yz dude

    250 sx question...got the scooter bug!

    7Tktm, has he raced/ridden any Jap 2-strokes? does he like the way the ktm handles?? btw, thanks for your response!
  4. hey guys, i'm currently on an 09 YZ250 but have somehow caught the "new scooter" bug! i've owned several KTM's but the most recent year model was a 2008. i've flopped between Yamaha & KTM for a bunch of years to include 450exc's, 300xc's, yzf450 & yz250's. question is, i understand KTM made a frame change a year os so ago, did that change affect the cornering/handling of the bike's to make them more like the Jap bikes? i always liked KTM but seemed to feel more comfy on the Yamaha cause i like i was sitting more in the bike than perched on top of the bike... i like the idea of the 250sx weighing in at 212lbs vs the yz250 at 229lbs but don't want to feel as i'm "sitting high" on a bike that doesn't corner as well. i've read numerous magazine articles on the new KTM's but they all seem a bit generic with their review... thanks for any thoughts ya'll can give!
  5. yz dude

    Need help jetting 2017 yz250

    what kxrob said, plus #8 slide, have the squish corrected, look up the thread on the #40 power jet, then ride it like you stole it!
  6. yz dude

    YZ250X Tire experiences?

    i always ran the pirelli mt32 for pretty much any condition, loved it till they changed to the scorpion whatever... i've bounced around quite a bit since then but recently tried an irc ve33 enduro...i like it! it's been to colorado twice, down south to the dessert 3 times, and piddling around locally a bit with good wear & no knob chunking. for the front, the pirelli mt44 was and still is, under its new name, the tire i buy.
  7. yz dude

    09 YZ250 Squish Report

    how would i know and does it make a difference if it runs well?? aren't all yz250 heads pretty much the same since they are mass produced? if thats the case, if you've found the sweet spot(shape & squish) on one, wouldn't it work for all?? isn't that like buying a piston...different brand but all the same dome shape?
  8. yz dude

    09 YZ250 Squish Report

    i did not measure pre/post, i didn't tell him waht i wanted. i told him the elevations i ride, my riding ability and that i wanted it to preform like it did at sea level. i could be wrong but i assumed he knew more about what he was doing than i could know...i was right, i'm very impressed!!
  9. yz dude

    09 YZ250 Squish Report

    ok guys & gals, for those of you that have kicking around the idea of having the Squish adjusted on your scooters...Don't Wait Any Longer!!!! i've read all the different reports on here about how good it is and blah Blah BLAH! i'd like to resound what everyone else who's had it done is saying...It Is Worth Doing! didn't feel like sending MY head off and waiting to get it back during our best riding time of the year so i went on Ebay and found a clean one to send off. RB Design has a "do not send your head in" message on their website so i mailed mine off to Eric Gor. 2.5weeks after putting it in the mail and $80 later the squished head was in my box. i finally found time today to swap the new head on and am just amazed what a difference it made. i live at 8700' and ride from 7500-12,000, the bike has always felt strong like a yz250 should feel, but now it feels like a YZ250 at sea level, quick, snappy and the back end can't seen to find enough "tacky dirt" to hook up. before sending the head in, i had already gotten a #8 slide, a different leak jet, and a Suzuki needle. anyway, just thought i'd share my results with all of you... thanks
  10. yz dude

    Son's Broken Collarbone

    good job, if your gonna break something, break it good!! i broke mine about 9yrs ago, 2 breaks on the same side. Doc wanted to plate & pin but i didn't have ins at the time sooo, wore a brace and tried to be gentle with it. it looks and feels bad now, don't really notice any pain or discomfort from it. being that your son is only 21, i'd make sure he goes under the knife to have it repair correctly!!!!
  11. yz dude

    KYB SSS free piston question

    very good, thank you!
  12. i was playing with my gold valves today and noticed about 3/8" free play between the free piston and spring/shim stack. is that normal or did i miss putting something in there when i put the GV in the 1st time?
  13. yz dude

    What enduro/woods mods can I do to my YZ...?

    Studhaeuser nailed it as far as i'm concerned! send off your suspension and have it sprung & valved for your weight & ability. maybe a V-force or Radvalve, get your jetting spot on, quality handguards of your choice. AND hundreds of hrs of seat time... our YZ's are an amazing machine right off the showroom floor!
  14. yz dude

    YZ250 Head milling.

    i did last night...i'll send you another one.
  15. yz dude

    YZ250 Head milling.

    i'd like to have mine milled/reshaped, what do you charge?