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  1. Studhaeuser nailed it as far as i'm concerned! send off your suspension and have it sprung & valved for your weight & ability. maybe a V-force or Radvalve, get your jetting spot on, quality handguards of your choice. AND hundreds of hrs of seat time... our YZ's are an amazing machine right off the showroom floor!
  2. i did last night...i'll send you another one.
  3. i'd like to have mine milled/reshaped, what do you charge?
  4. Man, she is BEAUTIFUL!! can't wait to see her with her cloths on (graphics) :))
  5. gotcha, didn't understand that part... imo, 2-strokes are a funner woods bike. they're light, maneuverable and can be flicked, hopped & thrown around easier than 4-strokes.
  6. your ttr230 is a 4-stroke...
  7. i live close to red river. there's a little riding around here, more in the sipapu and alcade/espanola area. they hold webe and rmec races in alcade...
  8. that should be a fun project!
  9. i would sell my relatives kids to have one of those:)))
  10. i was about to put mine in the mail wed. but found out they are closed till 1st part of nov... living and riding at 8000+ ft, i'm pretty sure i need to have it done.
  11. great video's, you did well! i was talked in to racing Zink as well, but after not racing for 15+yrs i only made 4 of the 7 tests... will do better next time for sure!!
  12. i highly recommend it, it was a great time and the course was a lot of fun! the rain we got the night before didn't help much but at least it wasn't dusty:))
  13. Thanks so much for the jetting suggestions, 45pj & 170mj was the ticket!!! Ran Super M 40:1 w/race fuel. Bike ran like a scalded dog, i didnt do quite as well;((
  14. 2 stroke yz doc, your bike looks great!!
  15. A couple better pics... I like the way the 2fitty runs with the Pro Circuit vs the FMF!