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  1. Dirt Chucker

    Got Mugged on the Trail

    had similar experiences with Joshua Trees and cactuses here in the SW Desert. Get a little to close; they grab your bars quicker than you can blink before you hit the ground.
  2. Dirt Chucker

    Stock class (AMA) wheel/hub restrictions

    I guess in District 37 GPs we don't necessarily run a stock class, so I have never put to much research into these topics. Hope the links to the rule book worked?.?. At the local and regional, level of racing, I have never seen a tear down/inspection done in dispute. Then there is the rule about challenging another bike and being able to buy it???? That one makes me scratch my head.
  3. Dirt Chucker

    Stock class (AMA) wheel/hub restrictions

    I think what your asking depends on what your racing and what class.
  4. Dirt Chucker

    Stock class (AMA) wheel/hub restrictions

    Perky, Try this link. http://www.americanmotorcyclist.com/Libraries/Racing_Documents/AMA_Racing_Rulebook14_web_v_1_1_2.sflb.ashx Or this one and select the 2014 rules. http://www.americanmotorcyclist.com/Racing/Rules.aspx
  5. Dirt Chucker

    Stock class (AMA) wheel/hub restrictions

    I race in the AMA District 37 Grand Prix series. I have run aftermarket wheels and hubs. Your fine there as long as the wheels are the same size. 18 inch rear is allowed in some divisions. As for the stock header and slip on, go ahead. The biggest concern there is the 98 decibel limit. You make that and your good. Bottom line, down load the AMA rule book, it will define what you need. Secondarily, your district rule book will cover anything more restrictive or unique to your racing.
  6. Dirt Chucker

    CRF sat for 7 months while on deployment....what to do next

    Semper Fi fellow Devil Dog, I agree with the above... Oil, fuel, drain and replace with new. Check the radiator fluid, lub up the chain and check tire pressures. Wash out and oil the air filter.
  7. How ever you load your bike, with the overpriced thing blocking your suspension or not. If you load your bike and it's loose when you push on it, your wrong. I think we all agree on that? I load my bike when traveling long distances in the center of my toy hauler. 4 straps are used and the front tire is not blocked or against anything. 2 straps are forward and 2 are to the rear, all 4 off the handle bar to in-the floor tie downs. I cinch my tie down straps tight enough to where the forks are compressed about 4 inches, the rear takes a little also. But when I walk around the bike and it's tied down.... It's SECURE! My spring rate is not soft but it really dosnt matter because I would tighten any bike until it's secure. Tighten the straps! Your forks and springs are going to be just fine.
  8. Dirt Chucker

    Won't idle when cold, 2007 CRF150RB

    Very true and worth another look. The bike runs great after, what seems like and eternity, warming up the engine, pre riding it and then handing it over to the wife or daughter. Then I get on my bike and start the process all over.... LOL... Thanks for the offer on the PJ, but I will run to the shop. And pick up a few. I'll let ya know how it goes.
  9. Dirt Chucker

    Kurt Caselli

    He was the best in my openion. He is a legend and did many great things. I will continue to celebrate his life be being the best off road racer and person I can! RIP KC66
  10. It's my understanding of springs and metals, that unless the spring is pushed pased it's designed tension or compression it will return to its static state. In other words, the spring in the fork leg is designed to be compressed full travel and return to the same location over and over. So leaving a set of forks compressed 3 or 4 inches will have no effect on today's modern metal springs. I would be willing to stand by this statement on bikes back to the 80s. I have not left a bike compressed for weeks, but I would not worry to much about it. What about an old car with original springs, it might have sagged an inch or two or like a new lift on a truck, since it rolled off the show room floor, but the springs are still holding that car up. I am no expert, but this is just my openion.
  11. Dirt Chucker

    Won't idle when cold, 2007 CRF150RB

    Do you think that a 47 will help with the idle problem I have when the bike is cold/warm off the choke all the way to normal operating temp? Where the carb is currently adjusted, off idle is great so I don't want to make to many changes.
  12. Dirt Chucker

    Won't idle when cold, 2007 CRF150RB

    Thanks for the pics, from the reading I have done, there seems to be changes in the carbs quite often, year to year. Like Honda has been trying to get it right. How was the throttle response with the 47 pilot jet?
  13. Dirt Chucker

    Won't idle when cold, 2007 CRF150RB

    Thanks for the numbers, the 42 pilot is where I was heading. I might go all the way to 45. I will pick up some jets today and do some experimenting this weekend. Thanks again.
  14. Dirt Chucker

    Won't idle when cold, 2007 CRF150RB

    What are your thoughts on the pilot jet? To lean is my thinking at the moment.
  15. Dirt Chucker

    RIP Kurt Caselli

    Very sad that we lost what I think to be the best all around off road rider.