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  1. put the original piston back in and the noise went, so must of been the wrong size piston thanks for all your help
  2. cheers for your input here is the video
  3. Hi guys, Having a little drama with a 2002 Yz125 after rebuilding it, what is happening is a ticking noise that seems to come from the top end, In my Opinion it sounds like the piston is just touching something on every revolution. It has been pulled down a few times now and according to the manual everything seems to be correct, The bike seems to make full power and starts very easy, I havent done a compression test but im guessing it will be fine due to the easy of starting any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers Craig
  4. Cheers mate muchly appreciated
  5. any idea which CR and what year model fits the 01 model YZ?
  6. Hi All, Currently rebuilding my yz250 from the bottom up. The rear shock was tampered with by previous owner, is anyone able to tell me the standard clicks for the rear shock. thanks in advance 2001 Yz250
  7. Hi Guys, Just in the process of building my Yz250 01, Can anyone point me in the right direction as far as jetting in concerned. I ride at -1000m (3300ft) - Dry environment - around 20'C (68'F) with my research. I'm Thinking something like 172 main, 48 pilot, n3ew-2 and not to sure on air screw. I am probably way off the mark Its more of a trail bike so don't have it wide open for long periods of time any help would be greatly appreciated. I attached a pic of my build so far Thanks Craig
  8. can anyone confirm that honda pads fit in a 01 yz250? cheers in advance Craig
  9. listen to this advice I bought a similar project, was told it needed a new top end new top end, bottom end, left case half, gearbox bearings, third gear, rear wheel bearings, suspension linkages, shock bearings, and little bolts here and there it has missing i have 3k bike that cost me 3k, only assurance is that everything is new and hopfully smooth sailing from here. expect the worse, hope for the best!
  10. I have the same works fine, i wouldn't say the tacho is accurate seems to read a little out on the hour meter also
  11. Hey all, Just rebuilding my yz from head to toe, But have hit a speed bump, I cant for the life of me get any info for what paint to use on the Cases and barrell. I see you can use a PJ1 paint but they dont seem available in australia any help would be appreciated cheers in advance Craig
  12. if you don't mind me asking what would one pay for something like that? you truely have inspired me
  13. yamaha7442, What is that a 650 vstar? id love to build one of them! you have motivated me, fello aussie as well!. Nice build up!
  14. nice video there mate!