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  1. Nothing like taking one for the team! Yeah, they are pretty awesome classic cars!
  2. Thank you!! It's black epoxy with 10pounds of white, gray and gold flakes. Had it professionally done. It's a new house, but I'd rather be in the man cave than the rest of the house! Thank you all for the nice comments!
  3. Thanks! Yeah, they were whimpy back in this era, mine had 215hp stock with the optional engine. It's in the 450-500 range now, lots of fun!!
  4. Close, it's a 76 L-82 Stingray. They are finally being recognized by collectors and increasing in value. Just a fun car though, about double the power it had from the factory.
  5. Yes, I have a shop I can use for actual work.
  6. Thanks man! It's getting some neon signs above the bar and then pretty much done. Turning out to be a cool place to hang out and hide from the wife!
  7. Just wanted to show the final product of my new man cave for my XR600 and CR500. Let me know what you think!
  8. actually, owning both, the 1992-1998 cr500 has a factory wide-ratio gear box and is capable of about 100 mph with stock final drive gearing (15/48). The XR650 might have a slightly taller gearing, but it's over at that point!
  9. thanks!
  10. Anyone know how to delete a post?
  11. New

    love the bike! From what little I can tell from the pic, it looks stock and clean, which normally means it was well taken care of. The steel frame is also not that bad, and even better in some ways than the first generation aluminum. Nice find!
  12. Oil pump right?
  13. interestng, least you had a chick on the back! I'd love to race against your old YZ465.
  14. Yeah, I bet he has no idea! Going 100+ on one of these bikes on gravel is like 200MPH on a long stretch of highway on a crotch-rocket. He would probably crap himself before breaking 80!
  15. Two totally different bikes. I own a XR600 and CR500, the XR is like a diesel pickup and the CR like a blown big block Chevelle. The CR is the craziest bike I have ever owned in my 20 years of dirt riding. I'm sure the XR650 is fast, but it does not stand a chance in a drag race.