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  1. I have been working on restoring a 71 SL70 for about 10 months now off and on.. And im having Headlight issues. This is the bike at about 85% complete, its fully done now, minus the lighting issue. I am having issues getting the headlight to work.. From what I can tell, I have power coming from the lighting coil. The Headlight is AC, running off the coil, while the tailight is Battery operated. I have tested up to the ignition switch, and turned it to thelights on position and seem to have good readings, I have tested it up to the plug into the light itself. Remeber this is a 6 volt sytem, however im getting readings on the VAC setting of 15 volts! At the same time, it will BARELY light my 6 / 12v test light.. SO it seems I am getting voltage, but not Wattage. I checked with the metter on amps ac, and im getting zero wattage. Truly a strange situation, can anyone give me any other places to loo, or how to better test the system? I would greatly appreciate it!! Ron Heater