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  1. Jeff165

    KTM 300 XC-W (2013)


    Simply the best dirt bike I have ever owned !
  2. Jeff165

    KTM 300 XC-W 2013

    Simply the best dirt bike I have ever owned !
  3. Jeff165

    Single track near Durham NC

    I was afraid that I might have to drive to western NC for good riding. Ol well I'm used to that. Brushy Mt looks awesome. Thanks!
  4. I just moved to Durham and am looking for places to go trail riding. I like technical single track trails but will ride anywhere there is dirt. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Jeff165

    I drank the kool-aid...and loving it!

    Where did you ride? I rode at Walker Valley Yesterday and had a blast! The large ice patches and frozen mud puddles with about an inch of water on top were not so much fun :/ I'm really loving this bike !!!
  6. Jeff165

    I drank the kool-aid...and loving it!

    Congrats to you ! I actually lost some sleep debating between XC vs XCW.LOL But in the end I opted for the XCW with the wider ratio transmission since I don't race anymore. Hope you are getting to ride more than I am. The weather has been to cold here in the Northwest to really enjoy riding.
  7. Jeff165

    I drank the kool-aid...and loving it!

    Just finished safety wiring both ends of the throttle cable! Thanks again for posting this. I recently saw a really scary video about this problem on YouTube and I actually had my throttle stick Wide open on a KX 420 back in the 80's . On my way to the store to get some dielectric grease and rotella t oil.
  8. Jeff165

    I drank the kool-aid...and loving it!

    I love the orange cool-aid too! I just traded for a 13 300 XCW and so far I'm really liking this awesome machine. My dealer recommended 40:1 Yamaha lube R :/ I think this is too rich but the bike does run well at sea level. I used super M synthetic 50:1 in my Gasgas and plan to continue using super M . Do you guys think running slightly richer pre mix will extend the life of the top end? Larry63 for the safety wire tip, are you refering to the throttle cable on the handle bar end or carberator? I have seen people wire the cable on both ends. Thanks for posting the set up tips everyone!
  9. Jeff165

    Gas Gas 300 EC 2012 accessories?

  10. Jeff165

    Gas Gas 300 EC 2012 accessories?

    Does anyone know where I can get a pipe guard for my Gas Gas 300 EC 2012? I just installed a bullet proof radiator guard and it fit perfect! I LOVE this bike and really want to protect that shiny new pipe.
  11. Jeff165

    Last Chance Poker run in Mattawa

    I will be heading over Saturday evening. We had a blast at the Hot and Dusty and were looking forward to another great event. Should I expect the same riding conditions or has the rain firmed the sand up ?
  12. Jeff165

    My 2012 250XC-W after 21 hours

    "Semper Fi" 83-87 I like the sound of bomb proof! I have had some issues with my SXF and I am really wanting a reliable fast trail bike.
  13. Jeff165

    My 2012 250XC-W after 21 hours

    I am thinking about trading my 350 sxf for a 2 stroke. Is there a big difference between the xc and the xcw? I like the linkage suspension on my sxf but it is a little stiff in the woods .They have a good deal on a 250 xc 12 at my local KTM dealer. I ride mostly single track trails in the Northwest and enjoy the technical stuff but occasionally ride in the desert.