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  1. bababoom

    Part number

    The thing the piston go,s up and down in The link dosent give me the yam part number?
  2. bababoom

    Part number

    Can anyone tell me what the part number on a 2007 wr 450 barrel is? Thanks
  3. Hi all just bought a 07 plated wr 450 that has the digital speedo. I cant seem to find out how to work the speedo out? Does it recorded the acuall mileage since new? The owner said you just reset it as and when you want to. This seems a bit silly to be if there's no way of finding out the mileage of the bike.
  4. bababoom

    yz 250 forks to wr 450 forks

    Im trying to sort it with just the parts Don't want to go spending any money yet. I already have the wr forks. Been thinking maybe just trying the wr springs in the yz forks?
  5. Im currently ridding a 05 model yz 250 but i find the front suspension is rather hard. I have a set of forks from a 05 wr 450. I know the enduro would have softer forks but once you take into account the weight of the wr compared to the yz would the still be softer on the lighter yz.?
  6. bababoom

    Rear disc question?

    Already tried a 650l disc, it fits the wheel but its smaller in diameter than the R disc.
  7. bababoom

    Rear disc question?

    Well i would have thought somone would have known on here for sure
  8. bababoom

    Rear disc question?

    Hadn't thought of that i know the diameter is the same and it has the same bolt hole pattern as the 650L
  9. bababoom

    Rear disc question?

    Hi all not been on here for a while. But for some reason my password no longer works? So have had to create a new username. Anyway need a new rear disc for my 650R anyone know if the crf disc is the same? or what other disc from the Honda range will fit? Cheers