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  1. Have you thought of rotating the bar mounts, as in turning them 180. It looks as if the bolts just need to be flipped to the out side. How about swapping the risers to the other side?
  2. Initially i tried turning my carb this way but i ran into similar problems. So before you try getting new jets, set the fuel screw to 2 turns out. Warm the bike up, its ok to have a high idle during the bike warm up as it will help it run. Once the bike is up to temperature bring the idle down as low as the bike can go with a relatively smooth idle and does not die. From there you can turn the fuel screw in or out and waiting for about 10 seconds for the changes to take effect. Its easier to make 1/4 to 1/2 turns as the change will be more dramatic. Once you find out where the higher rpm is you can make smaller adjustments. If the RPM raises high, just lower it back down and continue to fine tune the screw. Once you feel its the best rpm then you can raise your idle back to 1800rpm. Good Luck
  3. I think your tuning your carb wrong. You need to warm your bike up then bring your bike to at low idle then set the fuel screw. The bike will still run with the fuel screw in and a high idle as your tuning your idle circuit while your bike is starting to transition to the needle taper.
  4. Goshred025

    Supermoto tires

    Yeah, alot of my friends who stunt run 180 on the stock SM rim(4.25" rim?). Granted I sometimes see chain bite on the tire, but that my be due to the different brands of times. I'll try snap a picture the next time I see my friends bike.
  5. Goshred025

    What did you BUY for your DRZ today

    New/used radiators. And uni biker rad guards. And stainless oil filter.
  6. Goshred025

    DRZ Surging

    Make note of then throttle position when the problem occurs. Most of the time it's throttle position related due to jetting vs actual speed.
  7. Goshred025

    Supermoto tires

    Usually stunters use whatever tire they can get. They smoke the tires. Some places give away free used tires. Plenty of free street bike tires. The 180 tend to with relatively easy.
  8. Goshred025

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Bent the bottom corner of my radiator not leaking. Thinking of getting uni bikers rad guard. Is it worth it to put it on with a slightly bent radiator or should i replace it as well.
  9. Goshred025

    Lean needles

    Over the weekend I had a chance to test out a 48 pj. The bike did not die with it all the way closed So I left it at .5 turns, but I was getting rich bog at constant 1/4 throttle again. So I went back to 45 pj. 3.15 turns on flex jet and I'll get use to the popping, I can make it pop as soon as I left off the throttle before 1/2 throttle. From full wot the popping is not so bad only as it comes down in revs.
  10. Goshred025

    Lean needles

    about 1.5 turns out stalls the motor. Recently the bike likes a richer idle 2.75 - 3.25 fs. Before I was able to run it at 2.5-2.75. Today I had some free time. So i swaped out EMP-3 for EMQ-3 and 1/4 throttle miss went away. But got alot of popping on deccel fuel screw 3 turns 45 pj. I lost the punch of the EMP needle. So 1st I think im going to put a 48 pj and try tune pilot circuit, to hopefully remove some popping, and hopefully get some of that snappiness back.
  11. Goshred025

    Lean needles

    I'll try this over the weekend and report back. would a 42pj with 100 paj be equivalent to a 48pj? I have both to test out just wondering which route may be better if they are equal.
  12. Goshred025

    Lean needles

    It's a rich condition. This is same to the problem I was having before with EMN needle but not as pronounced.With EMN bike would feel like running out of gas at 1/4 constant throttle, problem would get worse at the bike heat up, changed to EMP as per your recommendations in my post before and the feeling of out of gas,stutter,surge went away. Recently Hawaii has been hotter then usual and more humid and the problem came back, but its not as pronounced it feels like a slight miss at 1/4 constant throttle.I went down from EMP to and EMQ and the stutter was gone, With the EMQ it I could not get the bike to stop popping on decel, 3 turns still more then the normal pop. With EMQ the bike was not as snappy as EMP. How lean would a JD red needle be in comparison to emp or emq on the root diameter? Or NYCR?
  13. Goshred025

    Lean needles

    What needle does the NCYR compare to? How would it compare to the EMQ clip 3? or EMP clip 3?
  14. Goshred025

    Tire Pressure for Rear Pilot Power 150/60

    I guess I like mines low. 20-22 psi. Maybe ill try increase it a bit.
  15. Goshred025

    Lean needles

    I'm having trouble with FCR39 mx jetting. Conditions in hawaii are in the 90 f. high humiditiy. sea level Mods 3x3 hotcams stg2 mrd ssw My jetting currently is 45 pilot emp - 3 160 mj 200 maj no paj 2.75 turns fs The bike runs great except for a slight miss/burble/surge at 1/4 constant throttle. This was remedied by a EMQ-3, but the bike feels like it looses its snappiness and the bike pops constantly. Not machine gun popping, but enough to know the bike is running lean. This is with the fs turn 3 turns out, turning to 4 turns out does not remove the popping.The bike is harder to tune since installing the hotcams. I'm thinking of buying the JD kit. Would the dual taper JD red needle fix the 1/4 area while offering that snappiness? Any other needle that has the diameter of EMQ but does not affect the middle and top end?