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  1. just got home from work and listened to the video on my computer and it sounds like the limiter is coming in at the right time. Sounds like you are slipping the clutch when you are reving it am i right or is there also a clutch slippage problem? Also the maximum revs on this bike is 8000 and you get max power at 7500 so not much space to play with. have you got the bike back from the dealers.
  2. If they say there is no problem the you need to determine the revs per minute the limiter is coming in at so you can tell them its definitely coming in too early. I have had mine at the rev limiter and it revs fine
  3. They need to try swapping the ECU with another 2019 to eliminate that part of the equation.
  4. Yes there is a recall on the TC, EXC 450 bar switch was used. Also I have fitted the dongle, turns the rear wheel abs off permanently but also saves your settings like TC off ABS off. I prefer to disconnect it until I'm using the bike off road. When you turn off traction control you first have to ride at least 5 meters then stop, let the bike idle then press the TC button for more than 3 seconds.
  5. New Switch to turn on and off the quickshifter
  6. There is a small pushrod inside the clutch lever housing which you need to fish out and keep safe incase you want to put it back together. I will be putting a switch on mine so it still works when I need it to.
  7. Probably the quickshifter doing it. you can disable the quickshifter by taping up the microswitch under the clutch lever mount. i prefer to ride without it.
  8. My traction control wasn't working when I got the bike. Started working around 300 miles. I have also deactivated the quick shifter because it interferes with the way I ride the bike.
  9. Does the 450 exc front fender and light fit the 19 690. Want to change to white up front. Too bling with fluorescent orange.
  10. Just picked mine up today and the stealer said there was a recall just come in for the traction control. Cant switch mine off.
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