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  1. Midwest Division

    One last photoshoot with my KX250f

    Well I have my options narrowed down to three....specialized demo, specialized status, or transition tr250. I don't think my wife would be to thrilled if I brought another multi-thousand dollar toy into the garage with getting rid of somethig else haha. Ill have to travel to enjoy the downhill rig also, but atleast I won't have any of the maintainence costs that I do with the dirtbike. Maybe I over maintain by kawi...but I like to keep my things perfect.
  2. Midwest Division

    One last photoshoot with my KX250f

    Thanks guys. I love the bike and it definitely gets ridden...just not enough. Exactly 17.5 hrs on it...it has only been trail ridden in northern Wisconsin. I live in An area where good freeriding isn't for at least 4 hrs away. By the time a get friends rounded up to leave the city for a weekend to ride, a few weeks have gone by. Which is why I'm deciding to sell it and get back into downhill mtn biking. Ill be on a dirt bike again one day when I move out of such a populated area. Plastics are stock besides the rear fender and side number plates which went on when it was new. I ride it, then spend a day detailing it...I'm an anal person haha. It is literally like new. I posted the forsale add in the classifieds section with more details. Definitely not afraid of its power...but it sure has quite a bit. The dual injectors really wake this thing up. Thanks again! Few more pics...
  3. Well after a recent trip out to Colorado and a day spent at Trestle Bike Park, I've decided to get back into downhill mtn biking... and list my '12 kx250f that I bought new last fall. It's only been trail ridden and currently has 17.5 hrs on it. I love riding so it was a tough decision, but i just dont have the time to ride as much as i want to. I needed to snap a few pics one last time...
  4. Midwest Division

    Air filter setup for dusty trail riding

    Dragon67....sure thing! I hate the stuff and the tacky residue from the filter oil work just fine sealing off the rim of the filter. With the cage being tightened down. You are completely sandwiching the foam filter b/w the cage and the air-inlet rim, leaving no voids at all. My filters come out squeaky clean on the insides. Ill know tomorrow if ill be pulling my filter to clean once I wash my bike. If its still clean enough for another ride, I'm afraid that wont be for a couple weeks. But ill get the pic up sooner or later if I can remember. Try running it with just the oil and no grease. Ull be amazed at the consistent smooth ring left around the flange of the filter from it being compressed.
  5. Midwest Division

    Air filter setup for dusty trail riding

    I run a twin air filter with no toil evolution oil and No rim grease. I feel it isn't needed with the kawi airbox/cage design. I also use an Outerwears prefilter. Here's my filter after 10 hrs of very dusty trail conditions...using the prefilter. No dirt or sand grains on the actual filter. Only light dust that would never harm a thing if it did slip by. The inside of the air filter still looked new as usual. Hope this helps!
  6. Midwest Division

    Northern Wisconsin Trail Rippin

    Thanks. The trails are a blast on a bike. First time weve actually spent a few days charging them. My parents just moved from MI to this area and built a home about 5 mins from the iron river trail. So besides the four hr drive north for me to visit, it's super convenient to access the countless miles of trails from their place. But yes, I'm always thinking of head-on around every corner. We made it a priority to stop at every intersection, shut the bikes off and listen. I know it's not enough but we are riding alot more cautiously than it seems in the vids. We have families to provide for, so like alot of us...they are always in the back of our minds. Never had even a close encounter with another rider, riding during the week is key haha. we did blow a few corners though and let the trees stop us. Can't wait to get up there again to ride!
  7. Two videos from some gopro footage of a recent trip to northern Wisconsin. No mx tracks around those parts, but the trails were fast and flowy. This is my first real season riding bikes...well, exactly 16hrs of riding under my belt. Love it so far. Wish I would have gotten into it sooner! I'm on the Kawasaki, buddy is on the Honda. Thanks for viewing!
  8. Midwest Division

    2013 KX250F Filter Skins

    Check out Outerwears prefilters. Just picked one up for my '12 and it has done a great job at keeping sand and mud crud off the filter. The only thing that gets to the filter now is dust. Here's a pic of my filter after 10 hrs of riding in very dusty,sandy conditions. I purchsed the one that they make to fit the twin air filter for our bikes. im currently running a twin air air filter and an fmf rct 4.1 slip on and i noticed zero affects on performance. Hope this helps!
  9. Alot of nice trucks in here. Where would we be without them!?
  10. Midwest Division

    FMF Factory 4.1 Ti Spark Arrestor Issue

    Well I decided to fix my ill-fighting insert on my own. Was sick of dealing with FMF. I ended up turning the portion of the insert that fits snug inside of the muffler on a bench grinder. Slides in and out without an issue now. The bikes tone definitely quiets down with the insert in place.
  11. Midwest Division

    Air filters, does brand matter?

    My two twin airs are far superior to the factory filter my kawi came with. Twin air filters and no toil oil from here on out for me.
  12. Midwest Division

    (Unrelated) Whats your daily driver?

    '11 Tundra 5.7...
  13. Midwest Division

    2010 KX450F (looking for a low cut seat)

    Looks good! Nice work.
  14. Midwest Division

    FMF Factory 4.1 Ti Spark Arrestor Issue

    Exactly what I figured happened on my end also. I even sent a follow up email explaining how I read on their site that they don't recieve emails containing attachments and explained that I'd be sending another email containing the wanted pics. Worthless customer service if you ask me. Pro Circuit next time around for me.
  15. Midwest Division

    Showa SFF Sag

    Awesome...thanks! I should be good, I fall in right around 175-180. I had to remove some preload off the rear to set my sag to 106mm. Static is on the high end of 39mm, but still within that 30-40mm mark. Once the suspension breaks in more, I'm sure ill be adding some preload back to the rear spring. I tend to ride more single track with occasional mx here and there. One last question...is fork sag measured with the rider sitting in the same neutral position as they sit for setting the rear?