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  1. road less travelled

    Alright Everyone, new bogging down problem

    Im no carb guru but first thing I would try is covering those airbox holes and try it out. Your cruising speed can easily be increased with a larger countersprocket, cheap too. Lots of times when I modify things I go one step at a time and it makes it easier to figure where the trouble is.
  2. road less travelled

    Dual sport?

    DR650 here, I love it. It does nothing perfectly, but it does everything quite well which makes it perfect in my book. I've put mine through the ringer for 5000 miles so far and not one single issue of any kind...nothing. Mods galore as it has been the same since 96 I think. No fuel injection, no radiator, super easy to maintain and gets 55mpg as my daily driver since June. I'm not saying it's better than others, just saying I have no regrets.
  3. road less travelled

    Shinko 700 tire advice

    I haven't tried the 700 but I have 1000 miles on 705's on my dr650 so far commuting (ALL weather) and dry trails/gravel and I like them alot. Great grip on twisty roads, confidence inspiring, no complaints from me and both for $97. Shinko like every other tire manufacturer has good lots and bad I reckon.
  4. Big hunk of firewood with a slot cut in it with a chainsaw for the front wheel works for me, appalachian engineering.
  5. road less travelled

    Freezing Outside: To Wash or Not to Wash

    Hook up the hose to the bib on the bottom of the water heater, then blast around the block. Cold yes, my choke was frozen a little while ago when leaving for work, had to pop the air filter out and cover the intake with my hand to choke it...after I heated up my key with trusty zippo so ignition would turn.
  6. I honestly can't think of a single thing. It snowed a couple days ago and I drove a car to work, coming home I realized thats only the 4th time I've driven a car in 5 months, despite owning 2 cars and a truck. I love everything about riding and everything that goes with it.
  7. road less travelled

    Pro Gun Rally

    And the media won't report it unless there is some way to put a negative spin to it.
  8. road less travelled

    Over Heating!? after oil change?

    Put the oil filter in backwards?
  9. road less travelled

    Edelbrock Carb question, Is this a pumper carb?

    The little rubber coated doohicky in the top photo looks like an accellerator pump to me.
  10. road less travelled

    Honda XL650 or Suzuki DR650SE

    DR650, that was too easy.
  11. road less travelled

    Best "Wife" bikes?

    My wife spotted a '13 dr250 for $4500 at the dealer the other day. I think she is tired od getting hauled around, I'm stoked, I hope she decides to get it.
  12. road less travelled

    Smacaroni has a melt down (photo intensive)

    The alternating layers of scrap and fuel provide the constant flow from the tap hole, you continue top loading those layers until you have enough molten metal. The molten metal flows into a preheated crucible type ladle, you can even stop the blower to slag and pour off the molten metal and then put the wind back in. Ideally you want your holding/pouring ladle to hold more than the mold needs to avoid short pours in molds. Aluminum melts at a pretty low temp 1220f you would be going for a tap temp around 1500f to allow a pour before it starts to resolidify. You can just remelt whatever you don't use and use scrap of the same quality as the finished product to save the chance of impurities like seat belts and shredded tires.
  13. road less travelled

    Smacaroni has a melt down (photo intensive)

    It's cool to do green sand molding of cast parts. Have you looked into just building a small forced air cupola rather than crucible style melting? Basically an upright cylinder of steel like a piece of culvert lined with refractory, filled with alternating layers of fuel and scrapmetal. Near the bottom you have several openings to duct the forced air into the "bed" area called tuyeres. As each layer of fuel enters the bed area it burns and the heat rising through the layer of scrap above it melts, layers above get preheated and the molten metal drips to the bottom where it then runs out of the tap hole. I was the cupola operator at an iron foundry for 15 years, my cupola was 110 feet tall and 12 feet in diameter and used a jet turbine powered by a 1000 hp motor, we built a few small one just for kicks and used the exhaust from a shopvac or electric leaf blower. If there is a foundry in your area you could probably aquire coke or coke breeze, refractory clay and maybe even get the lab to test your alloys, lots of these guys will help you out just because its fun. Their leftovers and waste are just landfilled anyway, but perfect for the backyard cupola operator. Cool project dude
  14. road less travelled

    Jan 18-19 ride

    Pedlar was open today, pretty slick but I was the only one there. The jeep trails all around the parkway are even more fun, you guys really need dualsports!
  15. road less travelled

    Cold Weather riding gear?

    Grab a pair of carhartts.