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    ridin the zed and ridin the zed

    Possible engine seize up?

    Well I was riding home from work the other day and noticed my bike losing power a little bit. so I pulled into a gas station and as soon as I pulled the clutch in it died. So I let it sit for a second and tried bump starting because my starter isn't working at the moment and it wouldn't turn over the wheel was just locked no matter how hard I tried.. Let it sit for awhile called a ride and figure I'd try one more time this time it started for like 5 seconds then shut off and the wheel was locked up again. Is this a seized piston or bottom end problem?

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Got the sumo wheels on she's looking good

    White brothers exhaust

    Scrap it I hated the one on my E. might as well be a straight pipe.

    Spark plug or carb problem

    yYeah I was riding yesterday and it just started knocking so bad! top end looks fine so it's something deeper it actually still runs just fine still. not overheating or losing power or anything just sounds terrible.

    Spark plug or carb problem

    Terribly loud knocking sound im done time for a new bike bout to part this thing out

    We all know yellow is the best.. Lets see them!

    Not as yellow she used to be but still a little yellow!

    E to Sm conversion

    When I said sm wheels I meant warp 9 wheels that are a straight swap. and decil you know I can't do that I've dumped to much money into this thing and it runs good now! lol

    E to Sm conversion

    Alright awesome definitely not a serious racer just trying to get some better cornering and carving ability thanks a lot.

    E to Sm conversion

    So I've heard that if you just swap SM wheels onto an E that it could end up not handling well due to the rake or something. Is this true and if so what's the best way to fix it I've found a few Sm fork and triple clamp sets on eBay would that be a straight swap or is there more to it?
  10. ZEDJUNKY93

    Spark plug or carb problem

    I change my oil every 1000 miles but I did find a small oil leak I cracked my clutch cover after a spill and didn't realize it and I ran it on low oil for a bit without knowing so maybe that's what did it im not to sure got a new one on the way though so no worries.
  11. ZEDJUNKY93

    Spark plug or carb problem

    There's the problem a deep fried stator.. What should I get for a replacement oem? This was a Ricky stator and It didn't last long.
  12. ZEDJUNKY93

    Spark plug or carb problem

    Alright thank you ill try that before i decide to let her go
  13. ZEDJUNKY93

    Spark plug or carb problem

    Well nothing ive done has fixed it. I give up and put it on craigslist
  14. ZEDJUNKY93

    Spark plug or carb problem

    Well i changed the spark plug and the valves are in spec still does it.. It seems like it didnt do it until i changed my battery to a bike master tru gel ill go to the old one if that doesnt fix it ill look at the stator if not then im just parting this thing out and getting a new bike.
  15. ZEDJUNKY93

    Spark plug or carb problem

    Thats a bad spark plug correct?