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    Epic Motorsports... Shipping Time/Customer Service

    Eddie this is fcr from hurricane
  2. jbonez2222

    How far & where did you ride today.

    [CODE] [/CODE] http://i669.photobucket.com/albums/vv51/jbonez2222/2012-09-08_12-06-31_265.jpg[/img]"]http://
  3. I ordered a 15/41 with 110 link chain. They sent me a 15/43 with 110 link chain, will this combo still fit the 110 link chain?
  4. jbonez2222

    How far & where did you ride today.

    how do I post pic
  5. jbonez2222

    How far & where did you ride today.

    Rode downtown KC,MO today nice day out 80, and rode around 40 or 50 miles [/img]
  6. got my clutch adjusted, it does shift alot smoother. I am going to oder my chain kit tonight or tomorrow, staying with the stock ratio 15/41 that is a 110 link chain correct? Also is an RK x link chain good with steel sprockets? Anyone know of a better kit thats cheaper than $99 shipped? thanks
  7. jbonez2222

    How far & where did you ride today.

    I rode one mile to gas station an hour ago, planned to go farther but plans got canceled.... junure, I was in vegas last weekend, not on the drz unfortunately
  8. so after I get it up in second just play with the throttle to ride it? It will take alot of practice but I think I can do it ... thanks
  9. ok, ill look at my clutch but im pretty sure its more than 1/4 or 1" thanks for the advice guys....
  10. Anyone want to try and explain how to clutch up a wheelie? I may have my clutch adjusted wrong? It feels like it doesn't catch right, feels like it doesn't catch until the lever is almost all the way out. any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. I was thinking just stock gearing and just get the power mods to gain more power. another question, with stock gearing 15/41 chain links is 110 correct? I am planning on buying a X link chain..... the kit im looking at is an RK x link with steel 15/41 for $99 shipped. Is Rk a good chain for my application? Anyone else know of another chain kit that is cheaper, but still good quality? Also anyone know where and what the best price on the JD jetting is? Thanks
  12. Hey guys, Ive been researching this topic and different sprocket combos, almost ready to order.... New to the motard world and want to get others opinions even though im sure its been asked over and over, please bare with me. 07drz400sm full FMF exhaust, plan to do at least the 3x3 and JD jetting very soon...eventually maybe fcr carb Right now I have stock gearing 15/41 and can do 70-75 on highway to work (15 miles) comfortably without high rpm's in my opinion, I need a new chain and Im trying to get your opinions on best route to go. I am no wheelie expert, but I do enjoy doing some from time to time, no clutch in 1st and 2nd. I ride all street no dirt btw I would like to get a tad more so called low end or wheelie power and not loose highway capability back and forth to work. From looking around on forums and stuff ive found a few ideas, 14/41, 15/44. Im not against getting two rear sprockets one for wheelies and one for highway ease and being able to swap them out quick and easy but if I go that route I would want to sprockets that will use the same size chain. Or after the JD and 3x3 will just one setup give me both tad more low end and let me ride on highway without high rpm's? PLEASE give me your opinions on sprokets and chain links required for that sproket setup. THANKS ALOT