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  1. Very much appreciated, thank you once more. I like the style and options for the KLR. A buddy of mine got a good deal on a Tiger 800 triple last year, now that's a nice bike too....but pricey unless you stumble into a sweetheart of a deal like he did. Some sites have rated it best DP of the year in recent years, his is older than that but still a nice ride. A turbocharged ZX-14 ... like Kevin Mulner's..?? I have two 1982 Seca Turbo's in very good condition...they're a dated sport touring design but handle like they're in grooves. For turbocharged old i-4 650's they haul ass nicely. Waste gates have been modified (aka: disabled) so boost is up from the stock 7psi and now limited buy the poppet valve in the surge tank (15 psi !!) Did you say bigger main jets !!! LOL Fun bikes indeed...a VL-1500 SE is my daily ride. Your ZX must be brutal !! Cheers, -joe- PS: Is the 'ds' in this sentence a typo or does it mean something I don't recognise..?? "For a lower cost ds tho it sounds like it...<snip>"
  2. Ouch !! I'm 6' and 220lb .. no wife but the occasional g/f or passenger !! I'll probably need a seat rebuild, or a better / wider saddle for my butt. I'm not big on Kawi either but there are plenty of KLR's around here and they do some serious rides. They seem more popular as a low-end adventure tourer around these parts although a lot of people I've chatted with consider them capable off-roaders too...but that depends on what you mean by 'off road', as I've recently come to learn !! Thanks. -j-
  3. Thanks William1. I guess deciding on a DP bike is another series of trade offs. Better trail manners = less road-worthy, and vice versa. I suspect my riding will be far more road/highway than dirt so that's a major consideration. I do want to ride 2-up from time to time so that figures in as well. As for liquid cooling .. how likely are these systems (KLR, DR-Z400S, etc) to be damaged during a typical drop of slide-out..?? It depends on what she hits and how she hits it I guess..?? Air just seems so much simpler and safer .. thinking getting stranded somewhere due to a coolant system breach. I watched a 2 part video last night showing the counterbalance tensioner (doohickey) replacement on a KLR. Apparently since 2008 these pieces are much better, but should be replaced regardless..??? You'd think Kawi would have done this ages ago being the widespread problem it seems to be. Thanks again for all the great info. -joe-
  4. Does anyone know why the DR650 is cheaper than the DRZ400..?? What are the significant differences other than engine size..??
  5. Thanks for the detail Sierra, excellent info, makes sense. Water cooling is a bit of a concern for the reasons you list, less so for road use but I'm looking for a good compromise for both. The Honda is a good bike no doubt I just can't take to the dated red/white plastic/style. What's the KLR 'dookickey' fix..??
  6. Good point. Off-road in my context, especially with a passenger, would be old woods roads and natural trails exploring for good fishing/hunting spots, and some overnight camping, etc. ... certainly not riverbeds, hill or rock climbing. Highway (or pavement of some sort) to get close, dirt roads/trails (and maybe even a little fairly tame open country) to get in there. Nothing extreme put it that way. As far as the DRZ 400S goes .. I mentioned a better seat for both riders (Fisher, etc). In fairness I haven't sat on or ridden one, but at a glance the OEM seat looks about as comfortable as a 2 x 4. What you just said and what I've read both here and elsewhere tends to confirm that. Your '06 .. buy it new..?? Many miles..?? What's your use-profile for that bike..?? Other than having a larger aftermarket tank installed, anything to recommend it generally for what I'm looking for or do you think one of the beefier 650's (ie: KLR) would be better ?? Thanks...
  7. Greetings all... I haven't ridden a dual-sport bike for many many years, I'm now in my late 50's and my main ride since '01 has been a big Suzuki cruiser. I've always had an interest in dual-sport and find that lately the appeal and lure is making me look more closely. There are a lot of KLR's around here and a few XR's and many others I haven't recognized as well as lots of smaller bikes that wouldn't suit me at all. What I'm looking for is a relatively low-cost, dependable, comfortable, powerful and capable off-road bike that is lightweight, gets excellent highway MPG, and will easily do 70+ mph 2-up for longer freeway trips without tearing it's guts out. The bike should have a high dependability rating and low maintenance requirements, with lots of accessories and mods available to improve it's manners, usability, and power. That's probably a tall order but I don't want to find myself broke down in the middle of nowhere, on or off the highway, with a passenger because of choosing a bike that has great power and speed as well as good off-road abilities but so-so dependability. That brings me here faced with all sorts of dilemma material !! For example... ....The KLR "appears to have" the widest and most plush stock seat for carrying a passenger, It's been around for ages, probably has good power, and you see them everywhere. People who have them swear by them. BUT...it's also the heaviest of the ones I've been looking at. ....The XL650 Honda has been around forever too and seems to have (??) the better suspension if "length of travel" means anything, around 11" front & rear. BUT, the dated, very vanilla and plain-Jane white/red style they're hanging onto has ZERO visual appeal. I just don't like it. ....I still don't know why the DR650 is cheaper than the DRZ..?? ...it goes on !! I'm liking the DR-Z400S. Of the reading I've done lately it seems to be a good compromise for both on and off the road. It offers decent stock power, speed, and MPG ... and from what I've read here, the 3x3 mod improves all three .. a lot..!! Plus, this bike isn't overly expensive. Being good at 2-up might be too much to expect from the stock seat, maybe it's narrow look is deceiving..?? Fisher seems to offer good seat rebuilds for the DRZ, and they have a nice soft luggage system for it as well. There's also a choice of tank upgrades to extend it's range. This goes on too...!! First off, sorry for this first one being such a long post. I wanted to share with you as much info as possible about the requirements that are important to me. Hopefully doing so will help you folks in understanding/assessing them and providing useful and helpful feedback. Thanks in advance for tolerating this long read..!! Cheers to all.... -joe- PS: This is very important I'm sure !! I am 6' / 220lb and would like to comfortably carry a passenger both off road and on longer highway runs to get there.