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  1. Thanks I have found the main jet individually just need to find the OBDLR needle.
  2. After doing research on here and a couple phone calls I have determined what jets to start out with. I have a 05 yz250f that has a FMF power core 4 muffler on it and soon to have a mega bomb. The jets I want to start out with are 180 main, 42 pilot, and OBDLR needle. Now that I know this is a start finding a kit with all this in it is proving to be a little more difficult than I had thought. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Spent the last month in cali doing done training now I'm back in NY hoping that the weather holds for one more ride. Today I bought some FLY bars that are thick walled from the local power sports. Also bought some new grips and gloves. If the weather is nice I'm gonna put everything on and go blast some trails.
  4. I haven't loosened the clamps and it only feels like it on the left side while the right feels normal. Also the clutch lever goes under the bark buster now, but the bark buster could have shifted to.
  5. After this little mishap I am bent my bars, so I need new bars, grips, and gloves so while Im at it I want some new bark busters to. My buddy has a set of bark busters I really like more than the ones I currently have. He has a set of white ones but wants them in black so I will order the black and trade his are still shinny new. I don't think you can really tell they are bent in the pic but I can feel it. Better these than my hand.
  6. Looks good, what is that on your fork guard?