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  1. So pretty much, I have gotten a taste of something with two wheels (the brothers little 150 honda scooter haha) and I want to get something of my own. I have looked around and decided I want to get something along the Dual-Sport/Supermoto type. My dilema is my size. Im 6'8, 220lbs. I have gone to a couple bike shops and sat on a few dirtbikes, dual sports, and supermotos to get a feel for what my limitations will be. Its not looking too good. While bike heights are not a problem, peg placement and height is. My long lengs just dont feel comfortable scrunched up in a kneeling position on a dirtbike. So this is where I need help. I was wondering if anyone could recomment some bikes in the Dual-Sport/Supermoto category that would be a comfortable fit ie. lower foot pegs. Extremely grateful for any help and replies you guys offer up. Frozen