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    My next bike

    I've ridden atv's my whole life. My first atv being a built banshee, now I own a yfz450r. Im thinking about selling the 450r and getting a dirt bike after riding dirt bikes for the weekend at my buddies cottage. I rode a 2012 Ktm 250sx (2 smoke) all weekend and it felt like I could handle the weight of the bike quite well. I was wondering if it would be too much for me to get a 450 as a first real bike for me. Reason I want a 450 is because I ride mostly sand dunes but would also be riding trails and mx track occasionally. Btw im 5'11, weigh 180, and am built.
  2. dunesovertrails

    banshee 4 mill stroker questions

    Bansheehq.com its only banshees
  3. dunesovertrails

    Banshee questions

    Hey man, I made an account just to answer your question. I have a banshee and its my first quad. I love it so much. It is very very reliable. Ive been riding hard all season and compression is still high. Ive had no problems with it and i loveee it! Its awesome in the trails and amazing on the dunes... Mine has dual k&n air filters, fmf fatty with turbine core 2 silencers, renthal bars, dg alloy series nerf bars, dg fat v-pro bumper, itp holeshot tires, I think thats all... When you get one you wont regret it, Just make sure you dont get one thats been beat on. I do have to warn you though, Once you start buying things for it you'll never wanna stop. They are okay on gas id say you can get 3 to 4 hours on it and they have a gigantic reserve tank so you should be all good, and they are kick start. Sign up on bansheehq.com Thats all it is is banshees and people on there will gladly help you out. Chris.