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  1. 96rm125Beast

    Rm 125 reving problems :(

    Well I tried a hotter spark plug and 50:1 oil/gas and it still smokes a lot for some reason. Oil will drip out of the PVC hose next to the power valve. The spring does feel week so I wonder if 1 spring turn is doing the trick humm? Mine will set there and idol just fine to just no top end ?
  2. 96rm125Beast

    Rm 125 reving problems :(

    Would it safe to go 50:1 because it smokes pretty good at 40:1 oil/gas. I think that could be my problem?
  3. 96rm125Beast

    Rm 125 reving problems :(

    Okay I think I have fixed the problem? The power valve was twisted in quite a bit. Now its at 1 full turn and when I go to rev it up it will bog. So in the morning I'm going to try and put the stock jets in and work my way down of needed.
  4. 96rm125Beast

    Rm 125 reving problems :(

    Spitting and sputtering like it getting to much fuel but then it starts to clear up. I did notice smoke when it's bogging
  5. 96rm125Beast

    Rm 125 reving problems :(

    Standard is 3rd on the needle. I've tried 3 and 1 slot. I'll get a hotter plug tomorrow
  6. I've been going over this bike trying different things to get it to rev from 1/2-3/4 throttle. When I start the bike and let it warm up and go to ride it,it will pick up and move till I get to high rpms and it will spit and sputter. When I get up to 4-5 gear wot it goes away and it flys. Mods and info Fresh rebuilt top end Pro circut exhaust Main jet was 172 now 168 with no change Pilot jet was 52 now 48 with no change Compression is 175 psi Spark plug br9es I've tired 20-32 gap with no change Klotts 2cycle and I've tried 32:1-now 40:1 no change I have the manual on the bike and been reading everything and still havent fixed it lol. I took off the carb and cleaned it. I've tried various jets and I was thinking it might be the power valve or something. So if anyone had the same problem and fixed it lmk. Oh and I've search in this forum for like 2 weeks now but now I'm out of things to try lol.