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  1. Chiknfryd

    2003 YZ250F Will not throttle down.

    William1 listed the first step. If all that is good then take some carb cleaner and spray it around the air boots and if the bike changes idle... air leak. Just had this problem and fixed it with the steps below. Double checked all the jets were clear Tightened the air boot from head to carb and from air box to carb Pulled the hot start out for a nice clean up Got one of those replacement fuel needles that stick out the bowl <---- Highly recommend changing out at least that O-ring on the very tip of the needle.
  2. Chiknfryd

    2003 yz125

    Did it run right before the exhaust upgrade? Did it ever run right after the exhaust upgrade? Did the bike sit for a while or did the thing just start to run like crap out of the blue while riding? When you pulled the pilot jet did you make sure to check that the orifice was unobstructed?
  3. Chiknfryd

    oil leak.. easy fix or split the case?

    I currently have a yz250 f with a leaky petcock and it dampens that same area. I would check that you aren't mis identifying your leak. If it is oil... I would just retorque. RTV silicone will create an uneven mating surface or possibly drip into the case.
  4. I back william. Seen it too many a times.
  5. Chiknfryd

    Opinions wanted on my top end w/ pics

    Thanks for the responses. The guy said he always runs this ethanol anti water in your gas that I had never heard of. Not a fan of any fuel additives really. Could that be the cause of that? I just can't see this guy not running 91. That's a no brainer. The piston also has the same decoloration but overall the cylinder and piston skirt had no scuffing or anthing out of the blue. All the rings were in tact and felt nice, no noticable cracks. The valves were actually within spec when I tore it down. When I rec'd the bike I could literally press down on the kickstart with my hand but everything felt mechanically there. I fig'd I'd gamble. Thanks for clearing that up. It was missing most of the hand controls. Can I get some insight on how to remove the buildup? or if I should take it somewhere and have that head reworked? New valves / piston?
  6. Hey TT! I have a bike that has no compression through the kickstroke but wasn't exactly blown up either. I think I narrowed it down to a cracked head gasket? (pics) Anyways, opionions on what sort of work I should get done to this head while its out would be much appreciated. Or if I should get a new piston / boring / whatever else you can think. Also are the cams stock or hotcams? The bike is new to me. It's an 02 and had the factory decomp lever assmbly fully installed but it had no cable and lever. Usually I see people that let the lever ride un sprung, this one was sprung and how it would be setup to funtion. The engineering on these blew my mind once I saw how it worked.