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  1. Wish i was that good my first time...
  2. Wish i was that good my first time riding a dirt bike [yes theres a dirt bike in there]
  3. Hey there this isnt me but here a cool video with an awesome mounting spot for cameras,
  4. If your under 21 Check out "" Its a pretty cool sight. If you join send me a message.

  5. In that cc range i personally think kawasaki is pretty good. I Have a honda xr100r. Im 5'5 and 115 pounds.
  6. Crf 230's or almost any 250f is faster
  7. Thanks You guys. Crf is what ill try to get
  8. I just dont know what i should get. I had a honda xr100r. But i want an upgrade eather a honda xr200 or a Yamaha ttr 230. Is there any problems of any of these bikes? Or any suggestiongs on what i should buy. Im a girl and dont like the powerbands of the 2 strokes. Heres some pic's of me and my bike.