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  1. HCN

    XR 500 spark

    OK the right side will have the mechanical advance for the timing, which actually is advanced and retards for idle speed, what should I check? Are their electonic measurements to verify anything. And it is getting fuel. I should according to others, it should spark twice, once for the compression stroke and once for exhaust, but not 6 times in a quarter rotation of the kickstarter. I thought it might be that wires to the lights are switched with ignition, but I don't know how to verify this.
  2. HCN

    XR 500 spark

    Waubaushen, Ontario. I followed the wiring diagrams in the cylmer book, but I've heard from others it is wrong
  3. HCN

    XR 500 spark

    I got an old xr500 that didn't run. It wouldn't start, kicked like a mule. I've since cleaned the carbs twice, adjusted valve, looked at all the wiring seems OK, adjusted both the manual and autodecompression, but I noticed that when kicking the mule over, it is constantly sparking. This is my first repair bike, and could use some help. Does anyone know what I should do to get her running, I am not racing, and would just like ride with my son a little. Thanks.