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  1. changed my career choice to motorcycle mechanic.found a lot more info but thx for the input everyone
  2. hello every one.im doing a career paper at school and i have questions i have to answer and couldnt really find them on google so i thought someone here might be able to help me.i picked supercross as a career.questions are what is the min and max education needed? what is the standard beginning wage and what benefits could someone expect? what is the max wage someone could expect? thx
  3. ok for one my parents will be buying it if i get it.i was just going to use whatever money i can make give my parents the money and they will be paying for it.so technicaly they will be paying for it and i will just be giving the money and i know there is no way i would be able to pay for it myself.i was just going to help them make the payments and if i can get my reptiles breeding i can easily make over 1k in a year that will be my main source of money.i will also be getting a job and working the actual job as much as i can
  4. o ok im 14.i can easily make 1k from breeding my reptiles
  5. why?
  6. i want to get a wr this year for christmas and was wondering how much a 2013 models down payment would be.each of my parents usually spend $300 and my gma usually spends like $300 so i get like $900 in stuff.i plan on breeding my snakes and lizards this year to and i plan on helping to make payments with money i make from that
  7. ok thx and another quick question.side or top mount?which one gives you a better view/angle
  8. so if i get this one then all i will need to get is a sd card?
  9. what mods are there besides the gray wire mod?
  10. not sure if i put this in the right spot but i have some questions about go pros and mounts.what is the best mount to use for a helment and what is the best camera to use?i was looking on best buy and the only helment mount that looked good was the suction cup thing and there is the kits but i dont think i will use half the mounts in the kits so i want to buy everything seperately so i can get the stuff i will actually use.so what is your opinion on the best mount and camera to use.here is a link to the stuff at bestbuy.http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Brands/GoPro/pcmcat238900050009/pcmcat238900050009.c?id=pcmcat238900050009&searchresults=1&searchterm=GoPro
  11. what are some after markets things i could put on my bike to improve it?i already plan on getting a after market exhaust but not sure what kind though.so what is a good exhaust and some other after market things to put on the bike to improve it?
  12. hello my names is Greg and im new to the forum and i have some questions.my first question is what should i carry in a back pack when trail riding?i will be mostly trail riding with my friends.my other question is do you where regular shorts and shirt under your riding pants and gear?i want some opinions on some stuff i should carry and clothes under the riding clothes so let me know what you think.thank you Greg