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  1. True didn't even think about that . no the ring was there.
  2. 05 I got a manual an it should help a lot. Still trying to find the metal shavings that came off the old cam holder. I'm gonna strain the old oil and see if any is in there just to make me feel better. And also look around the magnet on the left crankcase.
  3. I know how to do the cam. The cam holder I got a new one and need to swap those parts.
  4. I needed a new cam holder cause my circlip for the last one came out while riding and chewed up the slot that the circlip should sit in. I ordered a new cam holder but now have to swap the old parts off the others onto the new holder. Like the decompression assembly and the exhaust tappets. Any one have any idea how to tackle this? Any help would be nice thanks.
  5. Ok thanks but its just hard to get inside the little crevices with Arab and not sure if there is metal in there. Don't have an air compressor. A rag*
  6. Could I use carb cleaner to clean inside the case?
  7. Well I took off the stator cover and so far found one small chunk of metal. Now when I put it back on think I could get away with reusing the same gasket with some silicone gasket sealant? Thanks for the help so far guys.
  8. Ok sounds good. I'll take the stator cover off to check for pieces of metal to prevent the POS can chain tensioner lol. I just bought a hot cams stage 1 for the bike when I noticed the area the circlip should squeeze into was missing. Almost all of it was gone as you can see in the pics. I think it happened from me banging on the cam sprocket bolts when I was doing a valve adjustment might have messed it up then. I rode it for awhile before the bike died on me. The circlip must have came out of the recessed area on the holder and let the bearing get loose in there while I was riding then it must have sheared off the metal.
  9. I think anywhere from 2002-2006 should work but I'm not sure. Just wanted to knowing there was any benefit from getting a different year.
  10. Im pretty sure I'm gonna need a new cam holder assembly. Is there any significant change in newer or older year model that I could benefit from since I gotta buy new anyway. And any other stuff I should replace with the holder assembly. Also what about the metal shavings that were sheared off. Possible engine damage in the future.
  12. So I got a new hot cam stage 1 and I was installing it when I noticed the cam holder where the circlip goes into was gouged out it looked like. The reason I got the cam in the first place is the bike stalled so I went to check the timing and the cam circlip and bearing were just loose on the holder. I thought it was a cam issue turns out I think I might need a whole new cam holder. I'll post pics in a sec but was wondering if there was any way around getting a new holder?
  13. I already found a site that sells oem parts but what category is it under? Gear shift drum? If so I don't see a seal there