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    baja designs kit problems on my 2005 250x

    hello mike, thanks for the reply, im using the standard turn signals, non led. and i will try to contact you tomorrow, unfortunitley im at work at the moment. thanks so much.

    These tires work?

    oh btw i think rockymountain offroad will have the tires your looking for, and you can look up every part they have in stock for your specific year and model of bike.

    These tires work?

    honestly i would just go order some kendas for your specific model, i got both my kenda DOT approved tires from a local moto shop for 120 total.
  4. so i just put on my baja designs street legal kit and im having some issues. i got it all hooked up and when i run my like everything works with the exceptions of my turn signals are not flashing,(they are staying solid) and my starter relay is buzzing like crazy. sounds like the relaty is going off and on at a million miles an hour. Also when i rev the bike up the relay stops buzzing. the battery on my bike is dead, but will that make a difference with my flashers and or my relay??? i have the standard matsushita starter relay in my bike. if anyone has had this experience can they help out? thanks, Garrett.