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  1. trailboss14

    2005 YZ450f 4th gear slipping?

    Yeah the gear is likely worn out. Same thing happened to my buddies KTM 250sx-f. You're probably going to have to pull the motor and split the case to see the damage. Takes some time if you do it yourself... Anyway, here is a link to Motosport for the parts you may need. http://www.motosport.com/dirtbike/oem-parts/YAMAHA/2005/YZ450F/TRANSMISSION
  2. trailboss14

    yz450 burns oil ONLY at startup?

    I didn't get a manual or anything with the bike, so I'm having to find everything online. But I did trade a 1995 CR125 for it so I'd say it was a pretty good deal overall lol.
  3. trailboss14

    yz450 burns oil ONLY at startup?

    Yeah it's not smoking during the ride, so the cylinder, rings, etc... is all good. I was reading on a yfz forum and they said smoke could also be due to the mixture being too rich? It does backfire pretty bad when cold which makes me think the carb needs a slight adjustment. IF by chance the valve guide seals need replaced I would probably have a shop do it. Do you have any idea on what that may run?? And this problem can't ruin or hurt the engine if left unchecked for a really long time can it? Thanks.
  4. trailboss14

    yz450 burns oil ONLY at startup?

    It shouldn't need a full rebuild because it doesn't smoke while I am riding. Only sometimes when I first start the engine, the smoke then goes away once it is warmed up.
  5. trailboss14

    yz450 burns oil ONLY at startup?

    I run high octane gas and Yamalube 20w-50 oil
  6. I recently traded off my 2 stroke for a 2005 yz450f. It runs fine and hasn't really given me any big issues. But occasionally when I will start it it blows smoke and smells like its burning oil. This always stops once the engine has warmed up for a few minutes. It shouldn't need to be rebuilt, could this problem be due to a valve adjustment issue?? Or something else? Thanks.
  7. I've got a 1995 CR125R. I recently cleaned the caburetor since the guy I bought it from had let it set several months. After reassembling it I adjusted my idle speed to the lowest setting and started the bike. With the idle at low setting the bike is at an extemely high idle. So high that i dont have to add throttle do release the clutch and take off. After riding some time when i pull in the clutch the engine revs up like the throttle is wide open. I know my idle is set at lowest because screwing it ouit only increased the speed more. Could it be my needle clip or ignition timing? Or would the exhaust valve (HPP) be dirty? Help please.
  8. trailboss14

    2004 cr125 fouling plugs

    Consider your riding style. Most 2strokes are intended for track use. They are made for running wide open for long periods of time. I try keep my CR125 in the higer rpm range whether I'm trail or racing, even when it's idleing I'll rev it several times a minute. Next check the air mixture and jetting settings. Finally check your crankcase seal as that would be worst case scenario. DO NOT mix your bike any leaner than 50:1. I run mine at 44:1 and have excellent lubrication. Get a shop manual too, that helps a lot.
  9. trailboss14

    '95 CR125R transmission oil?

    Thanks for the feedback, but I don't want to risk running tractor fluid in it. After a little more research I found that an 80W gear oil replaces 10W-40 motor oil, so I'm good. Thanks anyway
  10. trailboss14

    '95 CR125R transmission oil?

    Hi guys, I purchased a 1995 Honda CR125R in excellent shape. It's been too cold to ride, but while doing some maintenance I noticed the transmission oil was low. I went to a local shop and bought specific 80W 2-stroke clutch/gear oil and was planning on running that in my bike. However, I just got the owner and shop manuals for it today (guy forgot them on purchase date) and they call for "pro Honda transmission oil" or a 4-stroke 10W-40 oil or equivalent. I need help guys. Would it hurt my bike to run the 80W gear oil? Or is it virtually the same as the Honda brand tranny fluid?
  11. trailboss14

    Help me out please. '90 XR200

    Ok thanks. My shop manual shows how to test engine compression but not how to do a leak down test. That shouldn't be too hard to figure out though. I will try and contact the previous owner, ( who was also the original one) and find out a little more. He was really straightforward with me on what he did to the bike. I have noticed that the engine oil is thinner and smells slightly of fuel. I have been checking and changing it more often because I don't want to ruin anything. Can this be an indication of bad rings or seals? Or could it be something worse?
  12. trailboss14

    Help me out please. '90 XR200

    I purchased a shop repair manual for it just the other day but haven't got around to reading it in depth yet. I bet it shows how to do this test in there. The rings were replaced last fall. I haven't tried a compression test yet but it is on my list to do. The spark plug is black and oil fouled. Thanks for the help. Anything else I need to know guys?
  13. trailboss14

    Help me out please. '90 XR200

    Hi, I purchased a 1990 model Honda XR200r back in mid-late June of this year. I was hoping some of you guys could help me out with a question I had about it. This bike has great power and runs strong, BUT it smokes constantly and it's burning oil. The person I had bought it from mentioned that he replaced the piston rings. I'm wondering whether they were installed incorrectly, or could it be something else? I want to have a good idea of things before I tear my engine apart. I take care of it and do not ride it excessively hard, just on a friends track and on my trails. Please help me. Thanks