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  1. Looking at 07 110 that has stripped threads for the spark plug. Can't find just a head online but I have read about putting a helicoil in it. It's a good deal on the bike but not sure how much I will end up in it with the stripped head. Any advice?
  2. A buddy of mine just bought a 07 110 and wants to replace the plastics. I found some kit on eBay for 30 bucks in the USA. Has anyone had an experience with these? Waste of money or decent a fit?
  3. Thanks for the replies I just changed rebuilt the top end and I think it was just the 32:1 instead of the usual 40:1 I did extra for the break in. Gonna ride wed at 40:1 And see if it smokes still
  4. Looks like I may need to change the right side seal on my 04 250. Does anyone have any advice and tips before I do it
  5. Any idea what else it's called having a hard time finding it. Would it not be on the oem diagram
  6. I cleaned it with oven cleaner but just wanted to make sure I didn't have a problem somewhere else
  7. Doing my top end rebuilt. Should my power valve look like this?
  8. Alright thanks for the clarification.
  9. I just ask because if I have something wrong I would like to know. I rarely use it but if it would be easier to pull in I wouldn't mind that.
  10. My clutch does as it says per manual when it's revved. Just curious if it's suppose to be harder to pull in than before. Been riding with it for a few months and just assumed it's suppose to have a lot of resistance
  11. Alright wasn't sure if it was like the air screw and needed something else changed to get it in a certain spot
  12. Forgot to put that lol. It's a 04 rm250. As of right now without the jet kit it is about 1.5 rounds out from all the way in to make it idle high enough for the rekluse with out dieing
  13. Can anyone tell me what the stock position is for the throttle stop screw. Manual really doesn't give much info on it. Putting in a jd jetting kit and just want to have that in the stock position
  14. Pretty sure that's the rb
  15. Well all the online places are out of the oem kit. What gaskets kits do you guys use?