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  1. to bad im a 2 wheel rider, mostley im on the rear tier anyways but towing stuff around like my speakers and stuff and some friends around the odd time
  2. 5ft x 3ft, soild axle, pressure treated deckboard floor, with a 3ft tall rail all the way around, V'ing out in the front for a trailer hitch to a ball on the secondary swing arm (Y)
  3. yea build a secondary that drops back with a ballhitch or some sort so it can piviot but this is awsome guy people at school thought i was a lunitic! ahaahah deffinatly builting one now cheers!
  4. i had the idea to build a custom waggon for a my dirtbike to tow....... i was going to make custom metal clamps with rubber insoles to bolt on to the middle of the swing arm in tech design class at school. it would be like a senondary swing arm like design obviously wider then the swing arm itself connecting to a fram of a custom built waggon nothing has been drawn up yet just a suriosity would it reck the swing arm bearings due to the extra load or whats any one else has for conserns is gratley apprechiated
  5. i just did a compressoion test at school today, it got 75psi no throttle, 105psi WOT does this sound about rite? i runs like a dream
  6. found the problem on really close inspection the petcock did catch the wire to the coil it was unpluged, pluged it in fired right up
  7. but what really gets me if you cant recall my other topic of the electrical problem alll this was replaced! entier wireing harness hole new headlighting because the voltage regulator was messed and melted everything but ill double check the connections
  8. whats the plug look like becuase there is a stray wire with 2 wires into a plug couldent find where it went so i left it
  9. cleaned up the old plug soaked it in gass reinstall still nothing
  10. im workin on ordering a new ngk IFR8H11 hoping thats just the problem
  11. so ive resently been working alot latley and had no time to work on my bike or go riding last time i road was probly 2 weeks ago and it ran beauty just rejetted it but today i had time to go for a ride so i thought. i went out tryed starting it for about 10 minuits with nothing but the motor cranking over. so i tore off the gas tank and pulled the plug out its pretty sooty but i held it to the frame and no spark. at school theres an old yamaha 400 streetbike or somthing like that and i took its plug cap and wire and tryed it and still nothing. what is wrong! i hope its nothing serious like the magneto or stater cheers help me out guys and girls
  12. thanks, just installed dyno jet kit to cold to ride!
  13. 08 450x so its pretty well usless to buy then krannie? bikes rejetted like you said 165main or 160 50 leak 50 pilot and nvs needle or what ever
  14. i have the opertunity to buy a 07 crf450r carb just wondering if it would be worth buying or not, any issues i would have with the swap, i have a fmf powercore 4 and smog block off only mods
  15. exactly cost me nothing becuase my school had the solder and jb weld, going to pick my bike up tomaro from the local shop sunday